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The Chain Letter

Aug 05 (first draft)
Page One




My name is Will and I have embarked on a quest to find the meaning of life. I have picked your name at random and sent you this letter. I have no record of who you are, I simply picked your name from a phone book and wrote it on the envolope.

This is a chain letter and I have a request of you. Could you tell me what you think the meaning of life is?

Write your answer on the attached second page or add it to the other answers, then come back to this page. thankyou.

So you wrote your answer; now what?

Cross off the first available number in this list: If you are the first person to receive this letter then cross off 1. If 1 is already crossed off then you cross off 2. If two is already crossed off then cross off 3. etc. If you are crossing off number 20 then you are the 20th person in the chain. Please send this letter, with all the responses back to me in the enclosed self addressed stamped envelope. thankyou.

1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20

If you crossed off a number other than twenty please pick someone you know or pick someone at random and send all these materials along to him or her. Please do not discard this letter Can you spare the few minutes? It is totally anonymous and I have sent out many letters like this. If you would like to see the responses I am getting, check out my website at www.stormthecastle.com

Please keep the chain going and send this letter along. If you are the twentieth person then please send this letter to me in the enclosed stamped envelope.








Page two:

What is the Meaning of Life? Please write your answer below, just add your answer to the other answers. Be as brief or as long as you like. Please add more pages if you need to.