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Hi, Thanks for visiting my website. My name is Will and if you have questions
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Your Support is Essential!

There are six different ways you can support Will and help him continue to create his tutorials, articles and videos!

  1. Have some work for me? Do you need an article, tutorial or book written? I can write it. As long as it is within the realm of subjects I cover!
  2. A one time donation through paypal
  3. A monthly pledge through Patreon
  4. Buy something for him on his Amazon Wish List
  5. Spread the word! Tell your friends, family, social network about his website and youtube channel!
  6. Have some skill with one of my subjects? Write an article, create a tutorial. Contribute to my website. You will become famous! Well.. not really famous. But I sure would be grateful!! And of course you get credit and I email you a certificate of contribution.

Email Will:


Quick note: Will does over 2 million visitors a month to his various assets including youtube and the websites. And you might be wondering what kind of donations are coming in. Well, I am keeping a monthly tabulation at the bottom of this page for you. It may help you determine whether you would like to donate, or how much.

The internet has changed dramatically. In years gone by I used to make a good living. Now the big companies are pushing out the creative little guys like me.  The web is crowded. Every year it gets more difficult for me to make a living.  How can I compete against the big websites that draw millions of views a day?   How can I continue to make my quirky, creative and unique content if I can't make a living at it?

Storm The Castle.com / Epicfantasy:

  • Over 10,000 pages of unique hand made content
  • Over 800 youtube videos all hand made
  • Hundreds of free templates
  • Projects, crafts, tutorials, cosplay, and so much more
  • Blacksmithing, costumes, weapons, armor, bonsai, terrariums, dioramas, origami, paper castles, free paper games and so very much more!
  • Free books and ebooks
  • Free paper games
  • Free Paper Castles
  • Email support from Will
  • An average of 2 million visitors a month
  • Did you know that just my server for stormthecastle costs $260 dollars a month?
  • Over a decade of bringing you free quality content.
  • Scores of free giveaways with no strings attached
  • Web revenue from all these assets is now less than 1/3 of what it was.

Who else brings you the wide variety of material that Will brings? From giveaways and chats over lunch to one or more new projects every week! Yup, 800 projects over these years! And that's just the videos? On my website I have countless other projects, tutorials, articles and so much more (over 10,000 pages of hand made content.). I receive email from people all the time who are fascinated and get lost in my website for long long sessions of joy.


Can you spare a cup of coffee a month, or the cost of a video rental to support Will? If you ever thought to yourself that you would love to support a little guy then you have found the right place.

All donations are secure through either the paypal site or the patreon site. And all forms of payment are accepted by them.

You might be wondering how much Will is making from these donations. I will try to keep some kind of a monthly total for you at the bottom of this page. It might help you decide on whether you contribute.

Donate through PayPal:

Make a one time donation of $25

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Donate the amount you want through Patreon or make a recurring donation:

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Buy Will something on his Amazon Wish List

Or you can buy something for Will from his Amazon wish list. Much of it is stuff he needs to keep the projects coming, stuff like tools and foam board: Will's Wishlist on Amazon.com





If you can't help financially but still want to help Will in some way:

You could tell your friends and family about my website and youtube channel. Simply spread the love! Share my stuff on Facebook, G+ and Other Social Media. And if you make one of my projects you can be sure to write stormthecastle.com on it so people can see it! Thanks - all of this is a great help too!

“One man scorned and covered with scars still strove with his last ounce of courage to reach the unreachable stars; and the world was better for this. -Don Quixote.”

Total for this month so far:

Total contributions for Month of September 2017, (Updated Sep 8, 2017): $78.00. Of this $6 is paypal donations and $72 is patreon. And several people have bought me gifts from my amazon wish list.

Special Thanks for Greg. He bought this paint set for me off my Amazon wishlist:

Special thanks to Lisa. She bought me this Beethoven CD off my amazon wishlist. It is my favorite piece of classical music and the only Violin Concerto that Beethoven wrote.


Paul has been very kind and bought me several things from my amazon wish list including a couple of books, a moon filter, and a pair of blacksmithing tongs. Among other things! I want to express an unexpressable level of gratefulness to him.

And Larry and Kristina gifted me this wonderful honey comb clock! It is coming up in a Friday Fish and Chips. They also got me the rub n' buff that I used to color the sword in the Helblade project. Thanks!