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The Letter writing campaign
I have embarked on a letter writing campaign to many people of the world asking them what they think the meaning of life is. Read the letter, and read the list of people I have sent it to. See their responses, if I get any. As of August 2, 2005 there have been no responses.
The Question in a bottle
I will be sending out notes in a bottle. You can keep track of how that is going here. Have I received any replies?
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What famous, and not so famous books are there about the meaning of life?
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What Comes Next
Inquiries into what happens to us after we die.
the meaning of life has been explored in many different ways by many different people from music to poetry. Learn more about it here.
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The Golden Rule:
There is one very important rule that must be followed in this quest. Find out what it is.
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Movies about the Meaning of Life

I have only just started with the creation of this section of my quest.

Youi may ask why movies? It is because movies are another form of expression that we as people use to understand the world we live in. Many movies have been made that explore the basic question of the meaning of life.

My first task (coming soon) will be to review and dissect a movie I accidentally stumbled on called "What the (Bleep) Do We Know?" It's really great! It blends science, spirituality and the quest for meaning. It stars Marlee Matlin.


For now you might want to consider this book:

Movies and the Meaning of Life looks at
popular and cult movies, examining their
assumptions and insights on meaning-of-life
questions: What is reality and how can I know it?
(The Truman Show, Contact, Waking Life); how do I
find myself and my true identity? (Fight Club,
Being John Malkovich); how do I find meaning from
my interactions with others? (Pulp Fiction, Chasing Amy);
what is the chief purpose in life? (American Beauty,
Life Is Beautiful); and how ought I live my life?
(Pleasantville, Spiderman).