Die unerträgliche Leichtigkeit des Seins

Years ago, while in Germany I went to see a movie. The name of the movie was "Die unerträgliche Leichtigkeit des Seins" which, in English means "The Unbearable Lightness of Being".

It's a funny thing but when I think about this movie so many years later I can't remember whether it was in German, in English, or English with German subtitles, or even some other language with English sub-titles, or german sub-titles for that matter. Yet it still has an impression on me because of the lives and things that happen in the movie. It is a very subtle thing and sometimes very difficult to wrap my thoughts around. But this brings me to my point:

Your life, and your living, has nothing whatsoever with the words you speak or hear. Words are just tools for living - they are not the living itself.

Take some time and try to understand what life really is. Try to do it without words - just being. Understand that your existence and being is so much more. A lightness will come over you, and it will be almost unbearable in its beauty.