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The Metamorphosis and Kafka

Putting aside the fact that this story is a brillliantly written mood piece that transcends the written word to evoke a certain feeling that is very difficult to describe, there is also much more to it than meets the I.
The Metamorphosis
Note this before continuing: If you have read this story and loved it but didn't see any particular revelations then you may want to continue reading what I have to say here. But if you haven't read it and you don't want me to spoil the beauty of this story you may want to stop right here and get a copy of the book so you can discover it for yourself. Of course this is just my interpretation, I could be totally wrong. How can anyone truly know the intent of anyone else. In this case I can't truly know what Kafka was trying to say.

First reading
Aside from the fact that the story is beautifully written and is a masterpiece of mood that evokes a certain feel I came away from the first reading with a puzzling question. The main character (Gregor Samsa) wakes up one morning, in his bed, as an insect and througout the rest of the story he, and his family copes with this. But, and here's the revelation, he never once asks why. He never asks 'What the hell happened to me? Why did I wake up as an insect:? Why? Why? Why? Stuck with this burning question in my head I decided to think about this for a few days and then I read it again, hoping to see what I missed and I did.



Second reading
It's really very simple and it came to me in a flash. Kafka is drawing a parallel to us as humans. He is saying: We all wake up one morning, or every morning for that matter, in our bed and cope with the situation that has been presented to us. We might as well be an insect! What's the difference. The depth here is that we do the same thing that Gregor does in that we never ask why. Why did I wake up in this form? What am I doing here? Why am I a human? It is sheer brilliance!

So this website is my quest to answer this question of why? Why am I here, what is the meaning? Gregor Samsa, and us alike never seem to get around to asking the question. But from here everything changes. I am asking the question and am going to look for the answer. Join me in my sojourn.


If you want to read more of Kafka's work you can check out the selection of his writings at Amazon.com. I have specially modified this link so it will take you directly to a selection of his writings. Kafka: A tormented Genius