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Zeno's Paradox and the Meaning of Life

Is searching for the meaning of life a hopeless quest? Or is it just in the way you look at it? If you want to learn more about Zeno's Paradox you should check out this book. It is absolutely fantastic Godel, Escher, Bach :An Eternal Golden Braid -By Douglas Hofstadter -

If you are unfamiliar with Zeno's Paradox here is a quick overview:

Achilles and a Tortoise agreed to have a race. The tortoise was given a head start. After the race started Achilles had traveled half the distance between himself and the tortoise. And again, after a period of time he had traversed half the remaining distance between himself and the tortoise. the Paradox goes that always needed a period of time to get to the halfway point and each time he arrived there was a new, and smaller, halfway point. So if you look at it this way there is an infinite number of halfway points and Achilles would never catch up to the tortoise.

This brings me to my quest to find the meaning of life. Is it an impossible task? Am I doomed like Achilles to always find a halfway point, only to discover another halfway point between me and my goal?

I think it more likely that we as people have been looking at the meaning of life in this way so it seems like an impossible paradox. When in actuality that is the wrong way to look at it. The problem at hand is what is the right way to look at the question of what is the meaning of life?