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Washing the Dishes and being in the moment

Is it possible to just be? Is this the state that we were meant to be in?


There is a catch phrase that I have heard one too many times. It usually comes up in conversations about the stress and hectic pace of everyday living. It goes something like this: "Aren't we human beings? We are not human doings?" It says something about us having the urge to constantly be doing something. We have to be constantly making things, plans, to-do lists, money, contacts, and a whole host of other things. Why can't we just be? After all we are human "beings".

It's funny but we talk about "Being" in the same way we talk about doing. It is something to do! But it is a good something to do. Just being has an aura of mysticism about it. I am going to put it on my to-do list -just being. After all I am a human "being". I will have "achieved" something.

There is an irony there. We see the world through a certain lens and it is very difficult to see things any other way. I did some just plain being today now I have achieved a certain level of karmic grace -cross that off my list.

Why don't we really just try to be. I have an exercise for you.

The next time you wash the dishes (by hand) just be in the moment. Turn off the TV, the stereo, radio or whatever. Just let it be you and the act of dishwashing.

Try to wash out of your mind all thoughts about anything else. You know what I mean. Wipe out thoughts of the kids, the groceries, the car, work, bills, etc. Just wash it all away.


Don't think about how long it will take you, or your to-do list or what you will do next.


Enjoy the smell of the dishwashing liquid. Enjoy the warmth of the water and the texture of the suds. Clear your mind of all the silly things that occupies it all day. Experience life as a simple yet beautiful thing.

Make the simple act of washing the dishes something special. It truly is.