Thinking on the Golden Bough


I have been getting snippets and hints of a book called "The Golden Bough". You get a quick glimpse of it in Apocalypse Now and well I have been reading hints about it in other places.

I finally made the time to get this book by trekking to the local public library. Much to my astonishment it is a 15 volume set.

What possesses a man to drive so much of his life energy into something? And does it all eventually come to naught?

Anyway, here is a copy of the little library sheet in the back of the book. (volume 1). It has been taken out sporadically over the past eighty years and the first line is Dec 22, 1934. Can you imagine that? A few days before christmas almost 73 years ago.

I would imagine that whoever checked this book out of the library died a very long time ago.

Anyway, I have started reading this book and there is some real interesting stuff in it. I will keep you posted.