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The Golden Rule

There is one very important rule that I have to follow in this
quest to find the meaning of life.

I must keep an absolutely open mind. This is a question that has
crossed the mind of every living human being. I must not make any assumptions.

You might say that is easy; but it's not as easy as you think. In my search I am going to
come across a lot of ideas and a lot of people that say they know the answer. I have to carefully digest and consider EVERYTHING. And I must not assume that any bit of information or wisdom is any better or more valid than another.

Let me give you an example:

Here is a pasage from the Tao Te Ching , the classic book of integrity and the way by LAO TZU

Without going out-of-doors,
     one may know all under heaven;
Without peering through windows,
     oner may know the Way of Heaven;

The farther one goes,
The less one knows.

For this reason,
     The sage knows without journeying,
          understands without looking,
          accomplishes without acting.

It is a brilliant passage and it has something very specific to say. There is no doubting the wisdom in it. But if I don't follow the golden rule I now have been given the fact that I don't have to go anywhere in my search for the meaning of life.

You see what I mean? I have to take the things I learn, understand them, accept them but not declare anything to be "it" . I have to stay open to ALL possibilities.

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