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Sixth Design Challenge: Building and preparation for upcoming task

Red Carpet Room

The next room gives a change to the player in a couple of different ways. And this speaks to the layout and design of the game too. The player finds a lot of bazooka rounds on the floor of this room and this, while a reward, is also a caution. There must be something big coming up. But the design of this room is also psychologically important. Notice all the red? This is a subconscious indicator of danger and it will heighten your players sensitivity and awareness. Something big is definitely coming up!! The look of the room is also different than anything we have encountered so far. Everthing else was steel and concrete and this room is wood and carpet. This switch in atmosphere is also an indicator to the player to be more aware of change. The door out of this room is unlocked and the player can open it and walk through but.....



The Boss Animation

When the threshold is passed an animation is triggered. It shows an intimidating model walking up to the player and it has some dramatic music. This is a movie of the final boss. And it is another piece of suspense building that brings the players awareness to full height. Now something big is going to happen.




Seventh Design Challenge: Orientation as a tool

The Maze

Now the player is faced with a maze, and this maze leads up to the final boss. Up until now all of the navigating choices have been reasonably straight-forward. How do I get through the next door? Is the players question. Now a sense of being lost is imposed on the player and he has to try to navigate through a maze. This is the final build up after all the other psychological tricks used until now. Once navigating the maze the players comes to his final reward....




Eight Design Challenge: Escalating things or "Big Tasks for big rewards"

The Final Boss

We have lots of bazooka rounds and we have faced the psychological torture up until now and finally we come to the final boss and we just know it is going to be a challenge! And it sure it. It takes quite a bit of firing, dodging and maneuvering to get this guy down but we do it! You can see a little bit of our reward behind him. It is the green grass of outside and escape from this world. It was very easy to change his health so it was very high and I had to play the game several times and manipulate his health to get it so it was a good challenge- not too easy but not too hard.



Watch The Video Walk-thru of this tutorial

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial about designing video games and I do have this whole tutorial in a youtube video that walks you right through the game as I play it. I describe the various challenges and why I did them in the game. There are also some other pointers that I have. Watch the video walk thru of this game and how I designed it

About the Game:

I created this game in FPS Creator and it took me somewhere around 5 or 6 hours to make. I own the purchase version of the game so I have created a stand-alone executable file that can be passed around and played. I am currently trying to get it to a file download service so you can have it and play it for free. But it is a whopping 260 megabytes so will take a while to download. I will post a notice on this website when the game is available to you for free.


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