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Make a video game tutorial with Reality Factory Lesson 2

Lesson 2: Familiarizing Yourself with the Workspace

The purple lines that you see in three of the views is actually a cube and the lines represent the walls of this cube. Each wall is a double line so you can see the inside wall and the outside wall. Much like any kind of container there is an inside and an outside.

Without doing anything else now hit the enter button. The default pattern is applied to your purple cube. You can see this default pattern in the window on the upper left. It is yellow with a bunch of round faces.




What you have done here when you hit the enter button is accepted the purple cube as a hollow object. In effect you have created your first room!

Want to take a look around inside this new room?

Left click on the textured window (smiley faces) hold and drag it around and your view changes. Drag down and you pull away. Voila the room takes shape. You can see where the walls, floor and ceiling meet.

You can even pull completely out of the room by bringing your mouse down. Now you can look at the outside of it.

Not too hard now was it? Note that if you don't see the green lines in your 3d view simply click inside this view and they will appear.

Now let's change this texture because it has definitely got to go! It can make you sea sick.

Click on the textures tab. This is where a whole variety of textures is stored.

Directly underneath this tab you will now see a variety of textures to choose from. The smiley head is also included in this list. Double click on a new texture -something a little more game like and it will be appllied to your room. If it isn't applied to your room simply click on the room in the 3d view.

Here is what the room looks like with a new texture applied:

Now isn't that much better? This isn't too hard is it? You are going to get real good at this. And applying textures is very important. It gives your world the look and feel you are trying to achieve.

You have actually started making a video game. Let's continue on with the tutorial.

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