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Overview of how to make a video game - page 2

Now that you have an understanding of the software lets move into the video game design.



1. Concept: The first thing that is done is the creation and expansion of a concept. What is the game going to be about? What world is it set in? Is it science fiction? Fantasy? What will the player be doing? What will the goals of the game be?

2. Paper Design: After you have your concept fleshed out you start the work of actually designing what the game wil look like. You draw sketches of the characters and of the world. What will the weapons look like? The houses? The trees? What will the overall world look like? Forests? Desert? Oceans? Where will the towns and cities be? You draw maps of the cities and floor plans of the houses.

3. You use game development software to build the world on a computer.

This is typically what this software work environment looks like.

with this software you can see the top, front and side views of what you are bulding at the same time. The black square is where a 3d image of what you are building appears.


a sample room in a video game4. Wire Frame the world: This is where the actual world starts to take shape on the computer. You take the world you have built on paper and you now build a wire frame of it on the computer.

A wireframe looks like this. This is a wireframe of a single room with a couple of things in it including a mummy's coffin and a cross.



5. Add the textures

You apply textures to the wireframe world you have built. This could include taking digital photos of the real world and manipulating these with a graphics program so they are suitable for the game world.

(Two raw textures)

(A texture that has been prepared and is ready for the game world)


The textures will give the game the look you want. Many of the game development programs available today come with a ready to go suite of graphics and textures.




6. You create models and characters for your game world - You use 3d modeling software to create people, creatures, and objects like swords tables, flowers etc. for your world. You then import these models and place them in your world.

7. You assign behaviors to your models and characters. You tell the models what they need to do, how they act and you establish the behaviour of your world. You also set the parameters for what needs to be accomplished by the player in the world.

8. You announce your game to the world and you rake in the millions!

Video game making is a creative and fulfilling pursuit. If you would like to learn more about it I have a hands-on tutorial that will walk you through the steps.

Here are some books that you would definitely like.

Awesome 3d Game Development: No Programming Required

Game Design for Teens
This is a great book for learning all about game design. This isn't a book that you can use to make a game on your own. It shows you the real process for game design. If you are considering a career in games you should get this book.

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