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Katanas For Sale

Katanas are such a beautiful thing. And they have a remarkable history. They are an important and revered part of Japanese Culture.

Here on this page I have a selection of Katanas that are for sale.

My Trip to Japan and buying a Katana

I took a trip to Japan and I bought a Katana. There is an interesting story about how that whole thing worked out. You can watch videos about it on my youtube channel right here.




Cold Steel Katana, Ray Skin Handle, Wood Scabbard

  • Imported
  • Blade Thickness: 5/16"
  • Handle: 11 1/4" Same (Ray Skin) Handle with Black Braid & Brass Menuki
  • Overall Length: 40 1/2"
  • Steel: 1055 Carbon
  • Scabbard: Black Lacquered Wood Scabbard

The Japanese swords of the Emperor Series have proven, since their initial introduction almost five years ago, to be quite popular with many of our customers. Still, we are aware that there are some people who want a battle ready sword but hope to find one at a more affordable price. Our Warrior Series addresses this problem directly. In our efforts to reduce the costliness of the blades, we have omitted the expensive mirror polishing that we used on our Emperor Swords to create a new series of Japanese swords with a more practical finish. The Warrior Series swords are very handsome in their own right and share the same steel, heat treatment, and sharpness as their more expensive Emperor counterparts. Like the Emperor swords, they have Same covered, cord wrapped handles and quality fittings. If you're in the market for a strong, good looking, reasonably priced Japanese sword we know you'll be happy to own one of these. All come complete with a BLACK LACQUERED SCABBARD and a BLUE/VIOLET COVER BAG.


  • 29.25-inch 1055 carbon steel blade
  • 0.3125-inch blade thickness
  • 11.25-inch samé (ray skin) black braid cord handle with brass Menuki
  • 40.5-inch overall length
  • 41.4-ounce weight
  • Includes black lacquered wood scabbard



Ace Martial Arts Supply Handmade Zetsurin Sharp Samurai Katana Sword - MUSHA

  • Overall length: 39.25 inches
  • Blade material: carbon steel
  • Blade length: 28.25 inches

This is the fully mounted shira-saya featuring a Mini tanto fitted into the side of the scabbard. The blade of the sword has been constructed from high carbon steel with a maru lamination. The koi-guchi has been made from Bull horn. On the side of the saya is a holster holding a Mini tanto.



Masahiro - Folded Steel Samurai Sword - 1000+ Layers - Dragon

  • Masahiro - Folded Steel Samurai Sword - 1000+ Layers - Dragon
  • Full tang, fully functional, and "battle ready."
  • 28 in. edge, 11 in. handle, 40 in. overall.
  • wood scabbard with high quality piano paint finish.
  • Real ray skin wrapped grip with black cotton cord wrap.


Stunning layered blade demands attention! Hand folded and carefully shaped, no two swords are exactly the same. Over 1000 layers ripple across the sharp, hand honed blade. Attractive and well balanced, we can't stop admiring this katana blade. The photos do not do the blade justice! We are especially drawn to the unique layer patterns within the blood groove. Featuring steel tsuba and fittings with a two tone finish, full tang construction, real ray skin and dual bamboo pegs. Well suited to be the center of your katana collection, this sword comes ready for cutting use right out of the box.


Katana set of 3

BladesUSA Jl-021Bl4 Katana Samurai Sword Set 3 Piece 40-Inch Overall

  • 3 Piece Samurai Sword Set
  • 40" Overall (Katana)
  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • Black & Green Cord Wrapped Handle
  • Includes Display Stand

This is a designer hardwood katana in 3 piece set. It comes with wood stand for that perfect display. The sword measures 40 inch in overall length with a stainless steel blade. The handles consist of black and green wrapped cord and also cloth wrapped scabbard. Why wouldn't you want to own a set of these.


Katana and sheath

Kawashima Steel Forged in Japan 1095 HC Battle Ready Katana Samurai Sword

The 1095 high carbon steel blade was forged in Japan, by Japanese method, then taken to china to have the accessories added to finish it as a sword set. Kawashima Steel contains the true cutting power of authentic Japanese forged steel. If you like to cut things, including water bottles, bamboo mats, cheap knock-off swords, car tires, zombies, etc, this is the sword for you.

Included with this amazing Japanese-made Katana is the real hardwood handle wrapped in genuine Rayskin and black silk Ito with brass ornament. The handle is pegged twice into the swords tang. Included in the set is a bright red silk sword bag with yellow tie to peace tie your amazing Kawashima katana. A maintenance set is also in the package deal containing: special preservative oil for the blade, cleaning cloth, polishing powder sack, replacement bamboo pegs, brass hammer and spike. Also a piano finished sword stand is included. Everything comes tucked neatly inside a wooden case with hinges and latches to safely keep that set together.

This is the real thing! Well balanced and fully functional. Suitable for Tameshigiri, and real cutting, etc.

Package Includes:
Kawashima Proof of Absolute Authenticity, Assembled Katana, Silk Katana Bag, Wooden Katana Box, Cleaning Kit, Glossy Katana Stand, Reference Guide

Overall Length (with Saya): 41.5 Inches
Weight (without Saya): 2lb 9.3oz
Blade Length (with Habaki): 29 Inches
Blade Material: 1095 High Carbon Steel, Folded, Forged in Japan
Blade Processing: Proprietary Process, Tempered, Hardened, Forge Heat Cycling
Blade Edge: Sharpened by Japanese Whetstone, Honed, Clay Tempered, Real Hamon, Polished
Hardness: Over 60 HRC
Blade Thickness: 7.85mm
Tang: Appx. 9.75 Inches, Full Tang, Dual Mekugi (peg), Can Be Extracted from Handle
Tsuka (Handle): 11.35 Inches, Genuine Hardwood, Fully Wrapped
Kashira: Handmade Solid Brass, Dragon


More Katanas on Amazon.com Right here



Katana cleaning kit

Japanese Samurai Katana Sword Maintenance and Cleaning Kit

  • This is a full Japanese sword cleaning kit with a traditional wooden storage box
  • This cleaning kit includes the mekugi-nuki, an uchiko ball, sword oil, cleaning cloth, and small storage container for storing Oiled cloth
  • A must have for all serious sword collectors



Bushido - The Soul of Japan

A century ago, when Japan was transforming itself from an isolated feudal society into a modern nation, a Japanese educator queried about the ethos of his people composed this seminal work, which with his numerous other writings in English made him the best, known Japanese writer in the West during his lifetime.

He found in Bushido, the Way of the Warrior, the sources of the virtues most admired by his people: rectitude, courage, benevolence, politeness, sincerity, honor, loyalty and self-control. His approach to his task was eclectic and far-reaching. On the one hand, he delved into the indigenous traditions, into Buddhism, Shintoism, Confucianism and the moral guidelines handed down over hundreds of years by Japan's samurai and sages. On the other hand, he sought similarities and contrasts by citing not only Western philosophers and statesmen, but also the shapers of European and American thought and civilization going back to the Romans, the Greeks and Biblical times.

This book is a classic to which generations of scholars and laymen alike have long referred for insights into the character of the Japanese people. And all of its many readers in the past have been amply rewarded, as will be all those who turn to its pages in the next and future decades.



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