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Swords from Different Centuries

Swords changed slowly over the centuries but they did change. This was based on a variety of factors foremost of which was metallurgical knowledge and blacksmithing skill. Here on this page I have a selection of swords that are representitive of how swords were over the centuries.


8th Century Viking Sword

8th Century Viking Sword Full Tang Tempered Battle Ready Handmade Sword SHARP

This Viking Sword is fashioned after an Eighth Century Design. This beautiful sword has a high carbon tempered steel 31 inch blade with hardwood handle covered with black leather and with polished solid steel pommel and cross guard. The Viking sword has a full tang that is peened over top of the pommel. A wood scabbard wrapped in leather with steel accents is included. Key Features Includes Wooden Scabbard Wrapped In Leather Functional Sword Made Of High Carbon Steel Solid Steel Cross Guard And Pommel Measurements Blade Length: 31 Inches Overall Length: 38.75 Inches Weight: 3 lbs. 7 oz. Balance Point: 3.75 Inches Below Hilt


10th Century (Early) Viking Full Tang

10th Century (Early) Viking Full Tang Tempered Battle Ready Hand Forged Sharp Sword

This Viking sword was forged from the original, dating from the late 9th - early 10th Century. The original sword was found in 1928 in the river Ouse near Cawood Castle, South of York. Kept in relatively good condition, the sword was displayed at the Tower of London for many years, until it was auctioned during the 50's by Sotheby's. The characteristics of this Viking sword, with the blade tapered to a blunt tip, indicates that it was an ideal slashing weapon. The Viking sword's beautiful veined hardwood handle reflects the efforts the Vikings placed on the aesthetic appeal of their weapons. The sword is very well balanced and is one of the lightest swords of the Medieval period. The creative and artistic talent of the Vikings is clearly demonstrated by the beautifully detailed pommel and smooth guard. The importance Vikings placed on their swords is well documented. One of the important works on the subject, "The Sword in Anglo Saxon England" by H.R. Ellis Davidson links the central role the Viking sword played in the daily activities of the Norsemen. Such activities included, but were not limited to, warfare, attainment of manhood, and the last funeral rites. The warrior culture of the Vikings did in no way undermine their artistic creativity. Quite the opposite, the artistic genius and cultural achievements of the people are clearly reflected in their swords, jewelry and other Viking weapons. The literary sources of the Norsemen, such as their sagas and poems, reveal of the quality of a good sword and its significance in Viking society. With this in mind, our goal was to forge a Viking sword which reflects their spirit and embraces the cultural achievements attained by the Viking people.


11th Century Crusader Sword

11th Century Crusader Sword Full Tang Tempered Battle Ready Hand Forged Sharp Edge Blade

  • FULL TANG TEMPERED BATTLE READY SWORD / Razor Sharp Edge Blade by Warrior Replicas
  • BONUS: Sword Frog / Overall Size: 39-3/4" , Blade Size: 32-1/2" ,
  • Blade width: 1-13/16" , Blade Thickness: 3/16"
  • Blade material: 1065/1095 High Carbon Steel , Blade: Full Tang Sharp Edge
  • Weight W/O Scabbard: 2 lbs 11 oz , Weight W/Scabbard: 4 lbs 3 oz





The 15th century Long Sword, often called a hand-and-half, saw a great deal of service as a weapon of war, but was also employed a great deal as a civilian weapon of self- defense. Coupled with a dagger, the Long Sword was an excellent defense against robbers, thieves, footpads, assassins and even some of the robber bands that might roam the countryside. A good serviceable point allowed it to be used for thrusting, and a medium weight allowed it to be used easily and carried with equal ease. This weight also allowed it to be used with one hand with a dagger in the other. But when needed, the Long Sword could be gripped with both hands for a very powerful cut. Pommel and guard are steel. Grip is wood wrapped with leather and wire. A beautiful and very functional sword.

  • Overall Size: 45-1/2" / Blade Size: 36-1/2" / Blade width: 1-13/16" / Blade Thickness: 3/16"
  • Blade material: 1065/1095 High Carbon Steel / Blade: Full Tang, Razor Sharp Edge
  • BONUS: Sword Frog / Scabbard : Leather (Hand Forged in India)
  • Weight W/O Scabbard: 3 lbs 4 oz / Weight W/Scabbard: 4 lbs 5 oz



17th Century Italian Rapier

Armor Venue - 17th Century Italian Rapier with Scabbard by Windlass Steelcrafts

The 17th Century Italian Rapier radiates of beauty and style and is sure to please. Featuring a high carbon steel blade with a wide fuller, this sword features a heavy ricasso for extra strength, a complex hilt, a faceted pommel, and a hand wound, silver plated grip with wire rings on top and bottom. It is also accompanied by a leather scabbard with floral pattern on the throat and tip. With authentic design, this is a great addition to any collection.