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The Penny Quest: Page 3


Now I was excited. I had completed the first transaction of the Penny Quest. Where would it go from here. I had a candle in my hand and now I had to transform it into the next stage of the quest.

I proceeded on with my walk and after a half an hour I stumbled onto another Yard Sale. This one was a little bit different than the last. Almost all of the goods seemed to be personal possessions. There were several people that were running the sale and one of them I recognized. It was an older man, in his fifties that I had seen for many years. I struck up a conversation with him. "Are you so and so?" I asked. He replied yes with a little bit of shock. "My name is Will, do you remember me from way back when?" He replied "Oh my gosh. I haven't seen you since you were a little kid." We reminisced for a while about the old times and caught up on the status of our families. It was a strange set of events that brought me here to meet someone I hadn't seen in years. This buoyed my aspirations for the quest. We would have never reunited if it wasn't for the penny quest.

Now I was in a different stage of the penny quest. I would have to sell the candle.

I walked around the yard sale for a while, looking at all the items then I approached two women that were in charge of the yard sale." Would one of you be interested in buying this candle for a dollar?" They both looked at me like I was crazy. I could almost hear their thoughts.This is a yard Sale. We are Selling things, not buying them. Again I launched into my story of the penny quest. " Can I tell you a story?" They both nodded in amazement. "I had a dream that I found a penny and I turned it into a million dollars. Today I found a penny and with it I bought this candle. Now I am looking to sell it for a dollar." No sooner had I finished my story when one of the women scrambled for her fanny pack. She ruffled through it, pulled out a dollar and held it out for me.

I took the dollar and with a thankyou I handed her the candle. Neither she or her friend said anything. They just looked at the candle. As I walked away from the yard sale I found myself wondering if she would keep the candle.

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