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Make a video Game Tutorial ( Beginning the manipulation of your room and world)

Click on the select mode button. It looks like this: :. You are now in select mode.

Move your cursor over to one of the white lines of your cube and left click it.
The cube line color changes to light blue. This means the cube is selected and you can now manipulate it and change its size, texture and other characteristics.

Click on the move/rotate button . You can now move or rotate your cube. Left click, hold and drag your cube to a new position by a few inches. When you release, the textured view will change. What you have done is moved the cube in relation to the camera view. The camera view is shown by the little white "X" in the center of the the top, front and side windows. Now right click, hold and drag your cube. This rotates it. Now click on the scale button . Now you can left click, hold and drag your cube to a larger or smaller size. Try it. Do some experimenting. If you drag a corner then the whole cube becomes bigger. If you drag a side then only that dimension gets bigger. Note: Remember that you are looking at a cube from three different perspectives: Top, front, and side so modifying the cube in different windows will have a different effect on how your room will look. If you want to make the walls of your room taller you have to drag up the size of the cube in the front or side views. Expement with this and watch the results in the textured window. Before we go any further lets review what we have learned.
Select Mode button Click on this button when you want to select something in your game. After selecting it then you can modify it. Move/Rotate button Click on this button then you can left click and drag an object to a new position (Move). Or you can right click and rotate an object. (Rotate)Scale button Click on this button then you can make an object larger or smaller.

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