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"Manipulating Textures"

Select the camera mode button . Now you can left click/hold and drag in any of the windows and get a good look around your room. Do this in the texture window and it gives you the feeling that you are looking around in your room. With left click you can mouse around left, right, forward and backward. If you want to move up or down then right click/hold and drag.

You are currently manipulating the whole cube but you want to make the textures of your walls, ceiling and floor different so you have to change from brush mode (the brush is the total cube) to face mode (Where you can access the different faces of your cube separately. To do this you press the page down key on your keyboard. The color of your cube changes to purple. Now left click/drag in the texture window moving your view so that you can see some of the ceiling, some of the floor, and part of at least two walls.


Now we are going to change the texture of the ceiling. Press the select mode button

Now single left click on your room in the Textured window.

Now hit the PageDown button on your keyboard. This allows you to Dig deeper into the Room.

In the texture window single mouse click on the ceiling of your room..The colors of your cube change and now only the inside surface of the ceiling is purple showing that only it is selected to be modified. In your control panel

select the textures tab

The texture panel comes up showing a list of textures you can choose from. A texture preview window shows you the currently selected texture. The texture used as a default in your room is blkrock (Black Rock). All the surfaces in your room have this texture. Well this would make for a pretty boring video game

so lets change some things.

Single click on the various textures and see what they look like. When you find one that you like press the apply button and voila! the ceiling texture in the texture window changes.

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