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Make a video game - designing the room and Manipulating textures - continued
For my ceiling I chose tile10. The illustration below shows what it looks like applied to the ceiling. It is now starting to look like a room.

Now repeat this process to apply textures to the walls and the floor. Remember this is the procedure you follow:

1. Click on the camera mode button then click and drag in the textured window to show the surface you want to apply texture to.

2. click on the select mode button and select a surface. If a single surface doesn't turn purple when you click it then you have to hit the page down button.

3. click on the textures tab

4. single click the desired texture from the list then click the apply button.

I have applied a variety of textures to my room shown below.

It is starting to look like the room from a fantasy world.

Click on the camera mode button and left click/mouse around in the textured window and appreciate your work. Looks like a room now. You have completed a very important part of the process of building your world. this set of steps is critical knowledge. You will repeat this over and over again making different sized rooms with different shape, you will add objects and apply textures. If you build this base of knowledge strong then you are well on your way to designing video games. So I highly recommend that you repeat this part of the process again. This time experimenting with different room sizes and textures. Get to know the buttons we have used. Remember to switch between the camera mode and the select mode. Notice and remember how colors change and what the change signifies. Don't forget to page down to access single surfaces within your objects. So now return to the beginning of this chapter and do everything again. When you get to this point again then you can contine on to page 7.


Go back to the beginning and build another room

Ok, you have built a second room, maybe even a third.

Continue on to page 7


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