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Make a video game

Now let's add a light to our game
Lighting is one of the most critical aspects of your video game. Lighting adds to the realism and lends itself to mood and atmosphere. You can make hallways brightly lit and closets very dark. Think of the possibilities! When playing a video game you probably never thought much about the lighting but now when you play games take notice of it. You will be astounded by how much a factor it is in good game design.

Select the template mode button .

In the control panel select "template" then in the menu that starts with "block actor" drop down and select "light". A light is an entity and this drop down menu is a list of entities that you can place in your game.

Now click on the light bulb then hit the enter button.

The light bulb is inserted into your room and created as an entity.. It shows up as a blue star in your three views and as a little light bulb in your textured view.
To move it around click on the select button then click on the light.

then click the move/rotate button now you can click and drag the light placing it wherever you want. Now lets modify the characteristics of the light.

Switch to select mode and select the light entity you created.

Now press the entity dialog button . You will see the light properties box.

You can change the Red Green Blue color values of the light. The current setting of 255, 255, 255 makes white. The light setting is currently 150 this is the brightness of the light. Double click on the field "light" and enter a setting of 750. You can experiement with this setting. The higher the number- the brighter the light and the further it will extend illumination in the room. You are doing great so far! Now let's add a premade player into the room. Yup that's right. It is a premade player. See, I told you. This game design system makes it easy to learn how to make a game!

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