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Make A Video Game - Tutorial

1. Your first video game design software. "Learning how to use it". Open up the Genesis 3d World Editor. ( It will look like the image below.) Don't touch any of the buttons yet, and don't make any keystrokes on your keyboard.

Open it with Start | Programs | Genesis 3d 11 | World Editor

You probably like to play video games. Maybe you like Dungeons & Dragons or Everquest or Ultima online. You can learn how to make a game like these. It just takes some work and some creativity. All the RPG games have something in similar. They are worlds built from peoples imagination.


Just take a look at This screen:

Your First Video Game Room - Beginning the RPG Adventure

The four big windows labeled textured, top, front and side make up the area where you will build your world. These views allow you to see your three dimensional structure from all directions. The grey area on the right is the command panel. This is where you manipulate, add and change the different aspects of your game like textures, entities, and lights. I realize that you don't really know anything about this program and it seems like a lot of stuff but it is pretty easy to get going real quick! So, to keep up your enthusiasm we will dig right in and build a room that you can actually run like a game then roam around in and look at.

In three of the big windows on the screen you see a blue box. This is created by default when you open the program. It is a hollow brush in the shape of a cube and it will shortly become your first room. It has been drawn on the screen for you but it hasn't yet been created and accepted as an entity. So now hit the enter key and this cube is created. Your screen has changed to look like this:

The black "textured" window has changed. It now has a texture placed in it. This is the default texture. The program has applied this texture to your cube. The walls, floor and top of your game room now have this texture. Now lets tinker with this room a little bit.

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The table Top Troll Catapult you can build in no time at all. The Table Top Troll Catapult


The Little Dragon Trebuchet is a great project and really hurls the projectiles.

The Little Dragon Trebuchet


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