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Why is it different this time?

There is plenty of stuff out there about the meaning of life and many of it is very similar. We should love life, love our family, help other people and build good Karma. These are wonderful things and of course they add tremendous value and help us to achieve a higher level in our life. But.... Isn't there a distinction here? Didn't you ever wonder about the grand scheme of things?

Is it possible that there is an answer to the question that would bring an enlightenment to you? Something that would be almost like a religious experience? An answer that would radically change the way you live and the way you look at life? An answer that would deeply change the context of your existence? I think there is.

I am only beginning this quest but here is what I imagine may come of it: (of course this is subject to change because if I am not open minded about the possibilities then I am defeating myself before I have even started. Read my thoughts on being open minded in this quest.)

Humanity has been changing and growing over the course of time. We are developing ourselves as people and as a race -getting closer to something. That something is the purpose of why we are here. The riddle is that we are heading in a direction but don't really know what the goal is. Maybe the goal has been forgotten by us, maybe the design says we shouldn't know the goal. And maybe discovering the goal is a fundamental part of the process.

Let me explain that last sentence a little more. "Maybe discovering the goal, or the meaning of our lives, is a fundamental part of the process. When the time is right the reason for our being here in this existence will present itself to us. Then we can head directly toward it and achieve it fully. So in my humble opinion, and at this stage in my quest that is exactly what I am looking for. I am looking for the real meaning of why we are here and when it is revealed to us an enlightenment will come to us and we will be able to realize our existence and our purpose fully.

Pretty ambitious huh? Maybe it's arrogant or foolhardy but it is what it is and that's what I am shooting for.