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Milkshape Tutorial - Lesson 10: Cloning And Mirroring our model

Mirroring objects and models Now you can see why we have created only one half of a model and this is a very easy model. If we had a very complex model that took hours to create we can save a lot of time by making half then with a few button pushes we could clone that half into the other half. It's a big time saver and it insures everything looks symmetrical.

Cloning the other half of the sword

In the tools console select the model tab, then press the Select button. IN the select options box at the bottom press the Group button. Now you can click anywhere on your sword blade half and the whole thing will turn red.

You could also use the Select/faces click drag option that you learned earlier. But use this group selection process. it is a new skill.

This is where you can see the importance of why you had to line up your half sword on the grid center. Because this is how the program calculates what to clone and where to put it. Our ignored side is right on the center line so it will become the inside of the model.

Now pull down the menu item called "Edit" then select the "Duplicate Selection" item.



This duplicates what you have selected. In this case it is this complete half a sword. But it is just saved in memory. Now you have to place it somewhere on the screen so pull down the vertex menu option and select the option called: Mirror Left <--> Right



And Voila! Your sword blade is now complete!



Let's Complete the whole sword shape


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