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Reality Factory Make a video game tutorial: Lesson 11 Cutting the doorway

Cutting a doorway between your two rooms is an easy process. and you do it almost the same way you placed your rooms in the game. Except you will not place a hollow cube, you will place a solid cube and with the property of being a cut brush. This is what you do.


Hit the template mode button then in your control panel hit the customize template button .



Now check the solid and cut brush options. This will make your new brush a solid object and it will cut away whatever you put it into. Remember that whenever you are switching the types of brushes you are using like hollow or solid you need to hit the customize template button and set these settings. When you add more rooms you will set this back to hollow and uncheck the Cut Brush option.





Now size the new solid cutbrush so it is a nice doorway size It is shown here as a light purple rectangle. When you have it just the way you want it all you have to do is hit the enter button on your keyboard and the doorway will be cut!



Now you can see into the other room. Notice how I have set the textures of the floor in both rooms to the same exact texture. This gives the whole structure a nice looking continuity.

Compile your game and take a look around inside!





Here is a screenshot of me playing the game. I ran in the other room and looked back through the doorway. You can see the column we made.


Continue with the tutorial and let's add a pool of water to this game we are making

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