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Reality Factory Make a video game tutorial: Lesson 13 Adding a Pool of Water continued

Now we have created a new block that is solid and we have placed it directly underneath the hole in the floor. Remember to be very careful with this and place the new block right up against bottom of the floor so you have no leaks in your level. Here is an image of my block and what it looks like. Your new block should look very similar. It is just big enough to cover the entire hole.





And notice that the new block has the default smiley face texture in it. You want to change this texture of course. I have changed mine to a different texture so you can see it easily in this tutorial but you might want to make it the same texture as the floor in the game. This will look kind of nice. It will be like a swimming pool And we are going to make the water semi transparent so you will see the bottom.






Which is what I have done here. You can see the bottom of the pool has a new texture. But what about the smiley faces around the edge we can still see.

These edges were created by your cut brush. To apply a new texture to these surfaces you select your cut brush and apply a texture to it. Your cutbrush will look orange and even though it is actually a hole it is still a cube that is there. So you can select it and apply textures.


Now let's add the actual water to the game


The Big List of Cheap Hobbies

Looking for a new hobby but don't have a whole lot of money to spend? I have put together a very big list of suggestions. Find a new hobby today. The Big List of Cheap Hobbies



Make the Resident Evil Zombie Killing Kukri blades

This is an easy project that you can make in no time. All it takes is one sheet of foamboard and you can make both of them and even the shuriken. Of course I give you the template. Make the Resident Evil Kukri















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