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Reality Factory: Make your own Video games -
Let's actually walk around in this room we made


Lesson 4: Now You actually have your very first game and most of the hard work was actually already done for you. This Reality Factory software is designed to do exactly that. It will do most of the hard work and leave the creativity to you. You will be free to design games and worlds. Let's look at a screen shot of the one room game you built. This is the modern world of game design. All the hard work is done for you and you are left to do the creating! But as you get better you will be delving deeper into the game and you will be creating your own character, guns, weapons, and whatever else you can think of. But for now this is just a good start in your video game making.


Looks pretty good doesn't it! You saw that you started the game up and had to choose a character and a name. Then you were popped right into the room you made. Right now you can see the shotgun I am holding and in the upper left you can see my health bar and in the upper right is my radar screen where I can see enemies.

To play you would use the left mouse to fire the shotgun and the W-A-S-D keys are for motion and the spacebar is for jumping.


The player start and player setup entities you dropped into the room were prefabrications and for now this is great because you can focus on designing games and leves. But of course this is just what came with the software and you can design your own characters and players with their own unique weapons and characteristics and put them in the game. But that will come with time and practice. For now this tutorial will focus on understanding how to use the desktop to design some nice looking game levels. .

Now I recommend you review these lessons; start from the beginning and make another room. This is important because you need to do this without thinking about it. Build one or two more rooms and then run them. Try using different textures and see how it looks.

Once you have built another room or two then you can continue on with the lesson

Go back to the beginning and build another room


Okay, you have built a few more rooms and are comfortable with this part of the process, Now continue on with the Make a video game tutorial


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