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Reality Factory Make a video game tutorial: Lesson 8 Texturing surfaces of objects


Now we are going to apply textures to the different sides of our column. This shows us the skill of focusing down Every object you make and or place in your game is made up of a lot of different surfaces. In the game development software these surfaces are called faces. . You saw that your room has faces like the walls, floor and ceiling. The column also has faces and we are going to apply different textures to these different surfaces.



Click the Modify Brushes and Faces button



Now click on your column and all the edges turn green.

Hit the Pagedown button on your keyboard and all the edges turn pinkish purple in color. Now you can click on any of the surfaces and it will be highlighted then you can apply a texture just to that surface. If you want to quickly move through the surfaces you can use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard.

After you are done applying the textures you hit the pagedown button and you return out of face edit mode.


This skill of quickly and easily editing the different faces of any object is very valuable and you should practice this. Add some more objects to your room and edit their faces. Remember that there are tops and bottoms to things too, not just sides. The column you put in your game, and you see in my pictures is actually hollow so there are faces on the inside of the column and the outside of the column. If your player is not going to be able to see the inside of the column you can just leave them as the default texture.


Let's Continue on with the tutorial - Let's add a second room and cut a doorway between the two rooms

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