Unusual catapult and siege engine kits you can buy and build

The past year or so has been a really good one for catapults, siege engines and all types of medieval weapons made for taking down castles. What I mean is that there are a few different companies that are now making a variety of wooden kits that you can buy and build. And they aren't just catapults. But there are also some interesting variations on the siege engine like the Onager and trebuchet. These are all available on Amazon.com



Ballista Wood Kit

Made from high quality knot free Basswood, this Ballista is a great addition to any homemade artillery collection. Inspired by Alexander the Great's Artillery of the Macedonian Soldiers, this ballistic firing machine is a working model easily assembled from pre-cut and pre-drilled pieces. Includes laser cut plywood wheels. A fun group or family project, once completed you and your friends and family will be experiencing the thrill of flinging projectiles like those medieval machines, but focusing on height, velocity, and distance rather than on knocking down the enemys fortress.


Stirling Warwolf

The Stirling Warwolf Trebuchet

During a siege of Stirling Castle in 1304, Edward Longshanks (Edward the first, King of England) ordered his engineers to make a giant trebuchet for the English army, named "Warwolf". With one blow, Warwolf leveled a section of wall, successfully concluding the siege of Stirling Castle. The Stirling Warwolf is generally thought of as the most powerful and most famous of the trebuchets in history. With an authentic and historically accurate "squirrel-cage" winch mechanism, block-trolley system and working trigger, frame-ladder (for re-cocking), half-lap and mortise and tenon joinery, this is the most highly detailed and historically accurate trebuchet kit you can get. This kit has well over 140 pieces in it, plus two true scale-sized medieval warrior figures. At 1/20th scale, this machine stands 18 inches tall at the apex. The arm reaches to a height of 32 inches, and hurls its projectiles 40 to 60 feet! At 1/20 scale, thats about 800 to 1200 feet for a life-sized model. Even the projectiles (included) are scaled properly to represent 100 lb. and 350 lb. missiles. Highly detailed and computer cut for accuracy, this model is a joy to build. The detailed instructions are complete with diagrams, photos, tuning tips and even historical notes about trebuchets. Tools you will need include glue, a flat file and a 1/4" round or rat-tail file, clamps or rubber bands, household scissors and sandpaper to smooth any rough edges (there shouldn't be many.) The only other things you'll need to supply are a few hours of time, a little effort and some pennies for the counterweight bucket. The kit is made from high-quality white hardwood. It can easily be stained any color, but simple exposure to sunlight will turn the natural wood a rich golden-brown over time. "Made in USA"


Floating Arm Trebuchet Floating Arm Trebuchet

Engineered using modern mechanical principles and computer aided design, this mini-powerhouse can hurl a golf ball over 200 feet. It uses guillotine action and a plunging beam to maximize potential energy and a floating arm to convert that energy into projectile motion. Precision crafted of high quality hardwood, the kit contains everything you need to build a working model.* The trebuchet is essentially a gravity powered energy conversion machine - it's a great way to see classical mechanics in action! The completed model stands 34 inches tall, 18 inches long and 7 inches wide (12 inches wide with the included steel counterweight boxes). A common complaint from engineering professors is that "Students today have a great understanding of computers, but fewer and fewer of them have any real hands-on, real-world understanding of physics and mechanics." Our kits are designed and intended to spark an interest in real-world science and engineering, and maybe even a bit of history too! The detailed instructions are complete with diagrams, photos, tuning tips, equations for calculating the machine's efficiency and more! All parts are pre-cut, pre-drilled and can be assembled to a finished model in one evening (plus glue drying time). We've put a lot of time and effort into making this kit as easy and complete as possible. It's a fun way to learn about physics and engineering! WARNING! This is a functional model intended for educational demonstrations of physics. It contains a fast moving arm and projectile that can cause injury if you make contact when firing. Use only under strict, competent adult supervision. * We supply the containers, but you'll need to supply the counterweight material. Anything from nuts and bolts, BBs, coins, sand or a good fist full of pebbles will do! * Can throw 200 feet when properly constructed and tuned with sufficient counterweights. Your performance may vary.

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Table of Contents for this tutorial


  1. Make the Table Top Troll Catapult Home and materials requred
  2. Begin assembly of the sides and base
  3. Assemble the catapult firing arm
  4. Complete the assemblly and finish by painting
  5. Video of this catapult firing
  6. Books/Medieval store
  7. DVD's Documentaries about siege engines
  8. Free Catapult Plan

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