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Articles For Webmasters

How to make money with your website To make money with a small website is not easy but you can do it. I make money with this website and it takes some work but iff I can do it, you can do it too. The way I do it is by using affiliate programs that large online companies offer. It cost nothing to sign up for the programs and all you do is place links on your website. If one of your web visitors follows the link and buys a product you get a percentage of the sale. It is as easy as that. Let me show you how to do it Want to learn more? I have a step by step tutorial:. Create a website about a topic you are passionate about and make money with it.

Your website look bad? Need some help making it look more professional?
You want to make a good looking website. Or you have a website and you want to improve the way it looks. There are many tips and tricks that can help you achieve a better look in your web designing. Check out Will's tutorial on web design There is also a list of don'ts that every webmaster should adhere to.

Modifying your 404 error page
If you have a website you really need to modify this fault page. It is very important. Read more....

Want to Make a decent website but don't have any development software?
I have good news for you. You can get Microsoft FrontPage Express for free it is an easy to use program for developing websites. I give you the program and a tutorial on how to use it. You can start designing your website now! Frontpage Express free download and tutorial

So you have a good reason for not making terrific websites?
Well I got news for you. You are just kidding yourself. Let me explain why you are just making excuses. Stop the excuses and get to it.

Tired of all the "Make Money with your website hype"? Need A step-by step tutorial that takes you through the whole process?This tutorial takes you through the whole processof choosing a subject, getting a site, creating it and marketing it. It is a very comprehensive and free course that will show you everything and help you to make money. The comprehensive course on making a website that earns you money.

The History of a website Discouraged because your site doesn't look so good? The website Stormthecastle.com has been in existence since March 2002 and since that time it has been revised 6 times. I have kept copies of all the versions and I have them available for you to look at. It is pretty interesting to see how a website has developed over the years. I got better as a webmaster and so can you."Many of the links on these example versions don't work. They are just single page sites for show. Use the back button on your browser to return to this page."

You have a website and you want to get visitors. What should you do?
One of the first things you should do once your site is up and running, (and has some interesting stuff on it) is register it with the search engines. They will add it to their databases and based on searches people can find you. You should read the Tutorial on registering with search engines

Getting a counter on your site
So you have registered with the search engines and you have swapped links with other webmasters. How do you know people are visiting your site? You need to get a counter. Getting a counter on your site

Want to have a website up and running in less than an hour?
There are plenty of companies that will let you have a website for free. I have a tutorial that will show you exactly how. Get a free website up and running now

Want to get a little more serious about your website?
You can spend very little and get your own official .com website. I own Stormthecastle.com, Castlefiction.com and TSFTMOL. com Check out the step-by-step tutorial here.

Have trouble with tables on your webpages? The solution is right here.
Tables are fantastic. They allow you to lay out lots of content but did you ever try to keep a table at specified sizes and when you load the page the table is a mess? Don't even think about how bad it gets when you try it in different browsers. There is an easy solution to this. Keep your tables straight - an easy tutorial