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About the Various products and tools that Will uses

Will uses a wide variety of tools and materials in his projects. Here are some of the more common products.



Shelves with products Shelves with products


Foam Board - Also known as Foam Core

  • What is Foam board? - Will uses this in a lot of projects. It is similar to cardboard. I have an in-depth explanation of it here.
  • Foam Board Projects - and a list of projects you can make with it here: (Foam Board Projects)
  • Foam Board Tools - There are also a lot of really neat tools to help you work with foam board
  • Where to Buy Foam Board - I get this question a lot. Here I have the answers.

Hot Wire

  • Hot Wire Foam Cutter It is a neat tool that uses electricity to heat up a wire. Then it can pass right through foam. I show some different types and how they are used.

Craft Foam

  • Craft Foam also known as foamies or foam sheets is an easy to use material. Think of it as kind of a cloth yet still a foam. It has a lot of crafting and art uses including making cosplay outfits and suits of armor for knights. It is also malleable when heated with a heat gun.

Pink Foam, Blue Foam (XPS)and Styrofoam

  • Foam is an amazing product for making things. You can make dungeon terrain, projects of all kinds, and even a seven foot dragon. There are a few different types of foam. I show you what they are, how to work with them, and where to get them. Working with Foam, styrofoam and pink foam

Amazing Mold Putty

  • Amazing Mold putty is well amazing. It is just like play doh when you first start out with it but then it hardens to a rubber like material. This makes it perfect for making molds.

Easy Cast

  • Easy cast is a clear casting material with a wide variety of uses.

Plaster Cloth

  • Plaster Cloth - This is very similar to the stuff that doctors use to make a cast on you if you break your arm. It is quick and easy to use and easy to get.

Mod Podge

  • Mod Podge - It is a product that is similar in texture and consistency to white glue. But it is much more. It seals, glues and protects all in one.


Hot Glue

  • Hot Glue - This is the work horse of any arts and crafts person. I use my hot glue gun a lot! It is fast, easy and inexpensive.

Insta-Morph Moldable Plastic

  • Insta-Morph - This is an amazing product. It is a plastic that comes in bead form. You heat it up in warm water and shape it into any shape you want. When it cools down it hardens just like plastic. And.. A remarkable thing about it is that you can use it over and over. I like it! You can also buy colored pellets to color it.


  • ProCreate - This is a two part epoxy modeling clay that is used for miniature figures and for very fine detail modeling. This is Will's preferred product for sculpting miniature fantasy figures.


  • OOMOO 30 - This is rubber. It is a two part product where you mix the two parts together and pour it. As it cures it turns into rubber. It is perfect for making molds.
  • SmoothCast 300 - This is a pourable plastic made by the same company as oomoo. You mix the two parts together then pour it into a mold. In a minute it hardens into plastic.


Polymer Clays

  • Sculpey, Fimo and Premo Bakeable Clay - Polymer clays are a neat product. They are a soft clay and you can sculpt them into anything you want. Once you have finished your sculpture you then put it in the oven and bake it. This hardens it so it is like a ceramic or porcelain. It comes in a variety of types.


Apoxie Sculpt

  • This is an excellent product that I use occasionally. It is a two-part epoxy putty. It is like a clay. You mix two equal portions together and then shape it. Within a few hours it has hardened to shape. In 24 hours it is fully hardened and cured. But the big thing about apoxie sculpt is that once it is hardened it is very workable with normal tools like sandpaper, drills, files etc. So, I like to use it as a clay to get the general shape I want. Then once it hardens I use tools to bring it to final shape. More about it and ordering it is here.


Creative Paper Clay

  • Creative Paper Clay - This is a wonderful clay material that is easy to work and air -hardens. I used it to make a very large globe of a fantasy world. Couldn't put that in the oven to bake! So, air drying paper clay was perfect for all the terrain.


Realistic Water

  • Realistic Water - This is a pourable product that is used to make bodies of water, ponds, rivers, lakes etc on dioramas, terrain, model railroads etc. I have used it many times on my dioramas.


  • CelluClay - This is a fine quality paper mache material. I have used it many times for many different projects. A good example of a project where I used Celluclay is my Secret Geode Diorama.



  • DAP DryDex Spackle- Sometimes I use spackle to create a nice edge on bladed weapons. You can see how I do it on my Viking Axe project. This DryDex spackle is great because it has the added benefit of being pink when wet and it dries to a a pure white. This tells you when it is dry.

Marblex Clay

  • Marblex -



  • DAS Air Hardening Clay


PVC Pipe


Mold Builder



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