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The DragonSlayer Projects

The Dragonslayer projects are a series of big weapon projects that have been building in order to eradicate a local village of a dragon that has been pestering it. There have been four DragonSlayer anti-dragon guns so far and I have video of each one and to date I have video footage firing them all off. It is a continuing series of projects and each project is bigger and more powerful than the previous one. I am currently working on the Dragonslayer 7 and 8

Will has a youtube channel with over 650 videos on projects you can make. Check it out right here



Dragonslayer swag

I also have a complete line of Tshirts, coffee mugs, magnets, and more with various dragonslayer logos on them. If you are a dragonslayer you might want to check them out!






The DragonSlayer Series of Projects




The DragonSlayer

DRAGONSLAYER 1 -Single Barrel Bazooka





DragonSlayer Bazooka

DRAGONSLAYER 2 - Double barrel bazooka that can fire one at a time or simultaneously.





Dragonslayer 3


DRAGONSLAYER 3 - The very big bazooka with joystick guided missile.







Dragonslayer 4


DRAGONSLAYER 4 - The Rocket Sword. The sword blade is rocket propelled and actually launches right out of the hilt and handle of the sword.





Dragonslayer 5



DRAGONSLAYER 5 - A tank with 9hp motor, the bazooka really fires and the cockpit is equipped with a camera system so the driver can see where he is going.




DRAGONSLAYER 6 - The Lightning sword of Osiris. Travel with me as I unravel a mystery, travel to Egypt and build the sword of Lightning.







DRAGONSLAYER 7 - I find a mysterious piece of military equipment. An adventure to another world ensues.




DRAGONSLAYER 8 - The Foundry Bazooka






The Dragonslayer 9 - This is the Triple Barrel Rocket Pistol. The first shot is a tracking shot. Quickly follows two warhead shots.






PVC Rocket Engine DesignPVC Rocket Engine: A do-it-yourself guide for building a K450 PVC plastic rocket engine.

In just a few hours anyone can build a powerful PVC plastic rocket engine that will send a rocket soaring over 5000 feet! Detailed instructions show you how to build the engine, make the fuel and connect it all together. Hundreds of illustrations and easy to follow step by step instructions make this book an essential part of any do it yourself library. You'll be amazed how exceptionally simple and inexpensive it is to make a rocket engine that will take your hobby to the next level and beyond.


Model Rocket design for the evil genius 50 Model Rocket Projects for the Evil Genius

The fun, hands-on way to learn about rocket science
Yes, as a matter of fact, is IS rocket science! And because this book is written for the popular Evil Genius format, it means you can learn about this fascinating and growing hobby while having run creating 50 great projects. You will find a detailed list of materials, sources for parts, schematics, and lots of clear, well-illustrated instructions.

Projects include a camera rocket, video camera rocket, hydrogen-fueled rocket, UFO, and more
Projects start out basic and gradually become more sophisticated
Perfect for science fairs and school projects


Gonzo Gizmos

Gonzo Gizmos: Projects & Devices to Channel Your Inner Geek - It's possible to use optics to roast a hot dog without electricity or a stove; to make a simple radio with just an iron, a few basic circuits and three shiny pennies; and to assemble a simple steam-powered boat with a plastic bottle, a candle, copper tubing and a nail. Of course, only die-hard science nerds would attempt these projects.




Book: Backyard Ballistics

Backyard Ballistics: Build Potato Cannons, Paper Match Rockets, Cincinnati Fire Kites, Tennis Ball Mortars, and More Dynamite Devices Want to get a little more creative? This book is off the hook!

Buy From Amazon.com Backyard Ballistics: Build Potato Cannons, Paper Match Rockets, Cincinnati Fire Kites, Tennis Ball Mortars, and More Dynamite Devices



Whoosh Boom Splat: The Garage Warrior's Guide to Building Projectile Shooters

These are the homemade machines that you've dreamed of building, from the high-voltage Night Lighter 36 spud gun to the Jam Jar Jet, the Marshmallow Shooter, and the Yagua Blowgun. Including detailed diagrams and supply lists, Gurstelle's simple, step-by-step instructions help workshop warriors at any skill level achieve impressively powerful results.




Adventures from the Technology Underground

Adventures from the Technology Underground: Catapults, Pulsejets, Rail Guns, Flamethrowers, Tesla Coils, Air Cannons, and the Garage Warriors Who Love Them





Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things

Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things: How to Turn a Penny into a Radio, Make a Flood Alarm with an Aspirin, Change Milk into Plastic, Extract Water and Electricity ... a TV with Your Ring, and Other Amazing Feats






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