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Stained Glass Main Page

Many years ago I bought a house that had 3 stained glass windows. It only actually had two when I got it and I gave one away. So now it still has one stained glass window. And the window is very old. I love that window.

I have been really wanting to do some stained glass work for a very long time! Finally I scheduled myself time to do it.

If you are familiar with my website and my work you might know that I have been working on a Wizard's Sanctum. And well, it need a stained glass window. So that is what this project is for. As we go through learning how to make a stained glass window we are making one that will be used in that project.



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Cutting stained glass



Stained glass beehive ornament

New: Make Stained Glass Beehive Ornaments

This is a fun little project. We make stained glass flowers shaped out of hexagons that look like honey comb. I show you how to do stained glass from start to finish. And we mount them on the beehives. How to make Stained Glass Beehive Ornaments


Making a stained glass window

How to Make a Stained Glass window

Stained glass is an art that almost died out. Good thing it didn't! It is beautiful and you can make it too. I show you how, step by step and I have a video to go with it. How to make a stained glass window.



A stained glass dagger

New: How to Make a Stained Glass Dagger

This is a quirky and fun project you can make and it teaches you some of the fundamentals of making stained glass. How to make a stained glass dagger

Stained Glass Project

Want to see another Stained Glass Project? This one is a diorama called "The Dragon Queen"


Overview of the process

Illustration of how stained glass is done

First off, There are two major ways to make stained glass items. One way is with something called Lead Came. And the second way is with something called copper tape. The lead came is the more traditional way to do it. Between each piece of glass is a segment of lead holding things together. This way of doing it is a thousand years old. The copper tape is a newer way to do it. It is where you put strips of copper tape on the edge of each piece of glass then you solder the pieces together. This is 100 years old and was invented by Tiffany of the famous Tiffany lamps and stained glass.

So, What do you need to get started?

This depends a bit on what you want to do. If you want to make a couple of small things like a sun catcher or a stained glass jewelry box then you can get by with a few things. If you want to do a bit more, make an actual window or two or spend a fair amount of time doing this then you will need more tools and a power grinder for sure. But don't fear the power grinder. You can get one especially made for glass at a reasonable price. ( I bought a nice little one for 90 dollars)

Start up:

- Stained glass! Of course
- a glass cutting tool
- A soldering Iron (100 Watts)
- Solder
- Flux and a flux/acid brush (this is for soldering)
-Copper Foil
- Breaker/Grozer Pliers

The Steps in making stained a stained glass object or window:

1. Create your pattern or use one already created (There are thousands of free templates available)

2. Cut pieces of glass for each "piece" in the pattern

3. Apply foil tape to the edges of each glass piece

4. Apply flux and Solder together all the pieces

5. frame the piece in wood, zinc or lead came or something similar

6. Add a patina to the stained glass to age it.

7. Wash off the patina

8. Apply a finishing compound (optional to protect the glass)

9. It is complete and ready to use


Making a stained glass window

I have a complete tutorial on how to make a stained glass window right here.


A stained glass kit

Delphi Glass Premium Stained Glass Start-Up Kit -

  • Best selling kit has been used by thousands of beginners to successfully get started in stained glass
  • Kit features our most popular tools to get you started and keep you creating for years to come
  • Convenient kit has all the essentials for creating your first copper foil panel
  • Instructional DVD makes it easy to follow along and learn at home

Getting Started in Stained Glass is Simple with the Start-Up Kit! This best selling start-up kit has been used by thousands of beginners who have successfully taught themselves stained glass. We've taken some of our favorite tools and supplies for getting started in stained glass, and put them all in one ready-to-go start up kit, for maximum savings and convenience. Features the Power Max glass grinder, Toyo brass glass Supercutter and a 100-watt soldering iron with built-in temperature control. Kit Includes: 8 piece Spectrum Rainbow Wispy Glass Pack, 8" X 8" ea. PowerMax II Glass Grinder 100-watt Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron Brass SuperCutter Glass Cutter Delphi Stained Glass Made Easy DVD Breaker / Grozer Pliers Introduction to Stained Glass Instruction Book (with 15 patterns) 60/40 Solder Copper Foil Flux Pen Marking Pen Safety Glasses Running Pliers Grinder Cookie Soldering iron stand Mark Stay line preserver - 1 oz Create a beginner project like the flower panel below in a weekend! Pattern from "10 Pieces or Less" book #6086, vegetable panel by artist Olivia Vavroch from Delphi's Online Artist Gallery, Family Tree panel by artist Mary Ann Chicoski from Delphi's Online Artist Gallery, peacock feather by artist Nancy Wiswell from Delphi's Online Artist Gallery.


A stained glass kit

Stained Glass Complete Beginners Kit with Gryphon Convertible Grinder

Everything you need is right here with this professional quality stained glass supplies tool kit. All the essentials and more! PROFESSIONAL GRYPHON CONVERTIBLE GRINDER, Studio Pro Hobby 100 soldering iron (100 Watts), Studio Pro Breaker grozier pliers, 1 pound roll Premium stained glass solder, Studio pro 1" running pliers, Pistol grip glass cutter, Glass cutter oil, Soldering flux, 1 roll 7/32" copper foil, Stained glass with Vickie Payne's Professional Soldering Techniques DVD, Marking pen, Foil fid, Flux brush


Pack of stained glass panels

Beginner's Bargain Glass Pack -

  • 8 pieces of glass - Glue chip measures 12" x 12" clear measures 6" x 10", all others 8" x 8"
  • Assorted cathedral colors make lovely choices for suncatchers and small panels


Stained glass pack

6" x 8" Variety stained glass pack -

  • Includes a variety of 8-6" x 8" pieces of glass from various glass manufactures.




ebay also has lots of options:




Basic Stained Glass Making

Basic Stained Glass Making -

  • Each technique illustrated with color photos
  • Complete explanation of tools and materials
  • Step-by-step lessons for a variety of projects

    This highly detailed guide contains everything the beginner needs to know to make beautiful basic stained glass projects--presented with lavish color illustrations and precise instructions that eliminate the guesswork from each step-by-step activity. Expert techniques and tips for cutting and polishing glass, tracing patterns, soldering, and more are explained with the beginner in mind.

    Included is an indispensable section on tools and materials used to make each of the pieces--from classic flat-panel creations to a Tiffany-style lamp. Other topics: setting up a good workspace, safety guidelines, and project variations.


Stained Glass for Dummies

Stained Glass for Dummies -

  • Gorgeous full-color design throughout
  • Includes designs for creating your own stained glass pieces
  • Hands-on, easy-to-follow exercises help you perfect your skills

Packed with practical guidance on everything from obtaining supplies to working safely, Stained Glass For Dummies is the perfect guide for beginner and novice artists and artisans who want to try a hand at this centuries-old art.


Stained Glass Basics

Stained Glass Basics -

"Presents the fundamental techniques of working with stained glass....Excellent color photographs and diagrams show materials and tools, as well as the cutting, assembling, and soldering of glass items... includes hanging glass panels, boxes, and lamps.... All have pattern diagrams and technical tips for construction....This is a good book for use with classes of beginning glass crafters."- Library Journal.



A Thousand Years of Stained Glass

A Thousand Years of Stained Glass -


Types of Glass

So far I have found terms like:

  • Waterglass
  • IridescentGlass
  • Wispy glass
  • Cathedral glass
  • Solid colors
  • Textured clear glass
  • Mottled
  • Baroque
  • Dichroic (Mostly used in jewelry)
  • Drapery
  • English Muffle
  • Fracture or steamer
  • Glue chip
  • Streaky
  • Seedy
  • Opalescent