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Leathercrafting is a wonderful pursuit which reaps a lot of reward in terms of the things you can make from knife sheaths to wallets, belts and much more. This is the main page of my leatherworking section. Here I have tutorials and even an ebook for you.


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An Introduction to Leathercraft by Paul Hughes


An Introduction to Leathercraft by Paul Hughes

Paul is a frequent contributor to Stormthecastle.com and he does amazing work.

He has written a 28 page manual on leathercrafting. It is available to you for free right here.

Just beginning out in leather work and want to know more? If you have never done leather work and are looking for a step by step instruction manual this is the one for you! It has exercises that take you through the tools and basic skills needed to turn leather into anything you want. It is a pdf and you can download it right here: An Introduction to Leathercraft



A note from Will: Paul H. Put a lot of time into the Introduction to leathercraft ebook. And he offered it to me and you totally free. Why don't you send him an email and let him know what you think of it? His email is here:





Leather Bracers

Make Medieval Leather Bracers

Excellent project that looks great. It takes just some basic leatherworking techniques to make a nice set of medieval bracers. Tutorial is right here


a Leather Sword Sheath

Make a Leather Sword Sheath

Web visitors have been asking me to do this tutorial for a long time. I finally got to it. It is how to make a leather sheath for a sword. And I make one for our Steel Sting Sword. It also comes with a video. How to make a leather sword sheath


Knife Sheath

Brett's Knife Sheath-

He has given us a nice little tutorial on how to make a knife sheath with some inexpensive leather and rapid rivets.


leather knife sheath

How to make a leather knife sheath -

But we have a little fun with it and dye it. Great looking sheath. How to make a leather knife sheath


a Leather Rogue Vest

Make a Leather Rogue Vest

Fun project and it takes some leather working skill. We also mounted the dagger from the previous project right on the vest. Make a leather rogue vest


Miniature Leather Helmet

Make a Miniature Leather Helmet

I love this projects because it is leatherworking and it is of course very medieval. You can find this project in the ebook by Paul.


Make an easy leather sheath

Make an easy leather sheath for a small knife

Paul makes a leather sheath for his book making paring knife and he shows us how to do it too. Make an Easy Sheath for a small knife



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