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Nature Projects



Here are a bunch of projects that revolve around the theme of nature. Some of them are outdoor project, others are indoor projects and some are even projects where you bring the outdoors inside!

And, if you are interested in real butterflies I also have a few different projects about them! In just about all of these projects I give you complete instructions with pictures and often videos. So, if you are interested in projects about the natural world there should be something here that you will like.

The focus of all these projects is that you actually interact or handle nature whether it be trees, plants, animals or insects.



2 Terrarium projects, great for spring

I don't have full web tutorials for these, I have videos showing how to make them. They are wonderful projects though.

  The Box Terrarium - The Bottle Terrarium


Butterfly Box

Make a Butterfly Box

Easy project for raising butterflies from caterpillars. All you need is a little bit of screen and a cardboard box. Make a butterfly box


Bonsai from Seed

Raising Bonsai from Seeds

For me it's the purest form of growing and caring for bonsai trees. To grow them from the absolute beginning - seeds. Tips, information, videos and more on how to do this. Raise Bonsai from seeds


Make an easy egg incubator out of a styrofoam cooler

This is an easy project that you can have done in a couple of hours. You can hatch your own chicken eggs and get baby chicks! Wonderful learning project. How to make an easy incubator


Butterfly Diorama

Make a Bio-Diorama.

This is a living diorama with caterpillars and butterflies.

It is an interesting idea where part of the diorama is alive! In the case of this one our adventurer is lost in a cave and stumbles upon some enormous cocoons. They are real butterfly cocoons. The Bio Diorama Project


The Ten Minute Terrarium

The Ten Minute Terrarium

A terrarium doesn't have to be complex to be beautiful. I show you how to make what I call the single plant Zen terrarium, easy and beautiful.. The Ten Minute Terrarium



A terrariuim for kids

How to make nature walks a learning experience

Nature walks are a great opportunity to learn. I give you suggestions for themes and for making your own field guides.
Nature Walks


A terrariuim for kids

A Terrarium for Kids

Some guidelines and tips for great terrariums that kids can make. Includes a learning sheet that explains how a miniature ecosystem works.
A Terrarium for Kids


Raising Bees

Raising Bees

This is an absolutely wonderful experience and very rewarding but it isn't something that I can give you as a project on a single page. But... I do have a whole section devoted to the art of beekeeping! The Art of Beekeeping



The Nature Connection

This interactive workbook is packed with creative, year-round activities for curious naturalists ages 8 to 13. Clare Walker Leslie shows kids how to experience nature with all five senses, whether they live in the countryside, a major city, or somewhere in between. Guiding children through inspiring activities like sketching wildlife, observing constellations, collecting leaves, keeping a weather journal, and watching bird migrations, The Nature Connection encourages kids to engage with the world outside and promotes a lifelong love of nature.


Kids Nature Book

The Kids' Nature Book: 365 Indoor/Outdoor Activities and Experiences (Williamson Kids Can! Series)

Shore to desert, country to city,exciting nature activities await discovery from beneath th smallest rock to the vast sky above.
With a full year of "nature-nurturing" activities, Milord lauches kids on a lifelong love affair with the natural world.

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