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Growing Bonsai From Seed

It is very easy to get a bonsai that looks like a bonsai. Maybe you have seen them in a shop, online or even at the mall. These mass produced bonsai are often 3-5 years old and around a foot in height. Often these are Juniper trees and they are well suited for beginners and very inexpensive. This is a nice place to start but for me I like to start from seeds! There is something pure about the process if you start from the absolute beginning. One of the important aspects of bonsai is the cycle of the seasons, nature and the tree and what better place to start this cycle than at the seed?


But, starting from seed does have a few drawbacks. First off, it will take you anywhere from 5-7 years before it actually starts looking like a bonsai! So, be prepared for that. Secondly it might take time before you can even start! This is because of the natural life cycle of the tree you choose. The seed isn't always something you can buy and plant. Some seeds need to be wintered for a period of time before they can be planted. And some seeds will need to be assisted in other ways. I will go over some of this.

About starting from seed -

Every seed will have its own type of handling you should do. For all the seeds there are different recommendations for how to plant them. These mostly have to do with tricking the seed to believe it's following its naturall coarse - falling to the ground in the fall rain (soak in water) keeping it in the refrigerator (to simulate winter) then sowing the seed at the beginning of spring in will draining soil at the appropriate depth.

A couple of important decisions to make!

What kind of tree do you want to grow? And this will partially be based on whether you want an indoor or outdoor bonsai. I have some recommendations here: Which type of tree should I start with?

I also have a page with listings and information about a lot of seeds for bonsai trees. Along with notes and pictures along their development. Tree seeds for bonsai

I say if this is your first bonsai you should lean toward an indoor tree. They tend to be hardier and if you are new to plant care it will be easier for you to monitor it.

Chinese Elm Seedling

For me there are few things as amazing as the germination of the future bonsai. It is just remarkable. This picture here shows one of my Chinese Elm has sprouted!


Here is a video tutorial where I give you some of the basics of planting your bonsai seeds.


Here is video 2: One Month later and we are starting to see germination of the various trees.

Let's Continue on with this Bonsai From Seed Project: I have more pics and information


Ming Aralia Bonsai Tree

Ming Aralia Bonsai Tree plus Chinese Mudman - Polyscias

  • Easy to grow indoor bonsai
  • The grove of trees stand about 8" tall
  • Plus we include decorative pebbles, Chinese Mudman (type may vary) and living moss.
  • Trim as needed
  • Ming Aralia Bonsai Tree is growing in a 7 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 2 1/2" Bonsai Pot



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