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Bonsai Museums

It is a bit peculiar to call it a bonsai museum because we generally don't think of musuems as having living things. Museums tend to be more for mummies! But there are some wonderful bonsai museums around the world. And I have some information and pictures/videos of them here for you.


Omiya Bonsai Village (In Omiya just north of Tokyo)

There is this absolutely amazing bonsai museum in Japan that I have visited. They don't allow pictures inside. So you can't take pics of the gorgeous trees but I do have a picture of the outside ! Anyhoo, if you are a bonsai enthusiast this is probably the place to go. bar none. And it is the centerpiece of a whole community of bonsai gardens that you can visit and enjoy.

It is located in Omiya Japan and it is called "Bonsai Village" And it is a short subway trek North from Tokyo. I have a page about this museum here: Omiya Bonsai Village

More Bonsai Museums in Japan

  • The Taikan Bonsai Museum in Tokyo
  • Takagi Bonsai Museum in Tokyo
  • Shunkaen Bonsai Museum
  • Kinashi Bonsai Village - this is a collection of about 40 bonsai gardens. The village is outside Takamatsu on the island of Shikoku. Website


Bonsai Museums and Associations around the world



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