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Bonsai Pots

There is an art and an aesthetic philosophy to choosing a pot for bonsai. A lot of it is dependant on the type of tree, size of tree and the style in which you will grow it but here are some general guidelines that will help.


Shapes of Pots: They typically come in square, rectangular, oval or round and in a variety of heights. With the round and square dishes you will typically plant the tree right in the center and with the oval and rectangular ones you will plant the tree off center. The image below shows this. This is a traditional way of planting a single tree but you are of course free to try it any way you like! There is a certain aesthetic balance to this placement that is tried and true and if you use this placement you can be assured it will look good.


Bonsai Tree Pot 6 Inch Bonsai Pots with Trays - 3 Pack From Bonsaioutlet

This is a 3-pack of 6-inch classic brown bonsai pots and trays. Made of a poly-resin with a slightly matted finish. These pots are durable won't crack in the winter retain their color for years and are extremely economical. These bonsai pots and trays are the biggest selling color and style of bonsai pots in the world. (This is a number 1 best seller)

Measurements are: 6 x 4 x 2 1/2 inches.


Oval chinese bonsai planter / pot - ceramic, jade green glaze




Rectangular pot

Large rectangle bonsai planter / pot - chinese ceramic, green glazed



Round pot

Cobalt blue ceramic bonsai planter / pot - round, set of 2


Rectangular pot

Chinese hand painted porcelain bonsai planter pot - traditional dragon and phoenix design (sm)



Shallow oval

Shallow oval bonsai planter / pot - chinese ceramic, white crackle glaze



rectangular pot

Rectangle bonsai planter / pot - chinese ceramic, white / gray crackle glazed



Bonsai Boy's Professional Bonsai Soil - 2 lbs. (1 Qt.)




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