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Artificial Bonsai Trees

Bonsai are beautiful. And maybe you would like to have one but for any number of reasons you can't! Maybe you travel a lot or you have a cat that tends to eat your house plants! There are a lot of sensible reasons why a person can't have a bonsai... but there are some wonderful artificial ones out there that look amazing.


And you also have the option of making your own. I have two tutorials:The first tutorial is how to make one out of wire and the second tutorial is how to make one out of paper.

And of course, amazon has a wonderful selection of them if you would prefer to purchase one.


Make an artifical Bonsai Tree out of Wire

I show you how to make a realistic looking bonsai tree out of simple materials like wire, aluminum foil, and pencil shavings. How to make a wire bonsai tree.


Make an artificial Bonsai Tree out of paper

I love this project because it is a combination of two things I love: Bonsai and Origami. The only way it could get any better was if it were alive and needed care! But, you might consider it a bonus that this tree needs very little care. lol!

Make an origami bonsai tree - oh and the tree itselft is a brown paper bag that has been twisted and shaped. Neat.

origami bonsai tree


Available on Amazon:

Artificial Japanese Cedar Bonsai Tree 9 inch tall

This one comes fully grown and healthy looking. It never needs to be watered, trimmed or taken out to the sun. This realistic bonsai gives a touch Zen in any space without the work.

Overall Size: 12inWx 8inD x 9inH

Brown Plastic Container Size: 6inW x 4inD x 2.5inH

Artificial Japanese Cedar Bonsai Tree


Nearly Natural 4764 Cherry Blossom Bonsai Silk Tree, Pink

A truly beautiful specimen symbolizing the botanical beauty of Japan (and other parts of the world as well). Staying low to the ground at 15 Inch, this Cherry Blossom Bonsai is perfect for those seeking elegance and tranquility. The varied pastel colors bring a sense of peace to all who behold its splendor and since its maintenance free in its own decorative pot, you never have to worry about the painstaking upkeep needed with other bonsai.

Nearly Natural 4122 Bonsai Decorative Silk Plant Collection


Nearly Natural 4122 Bonsai Decorative Silk Plant Collection, 8.5-Inch, Green, Set of 3

Some people prefer the tiniest Bonsai plant available and for these people, our 8.5" Bonsai set fits the bill perfectly. Lovingly crafted from the finest materials, these miniature trees look so lush and so real, that you'll be tempted to water them. Standing 8.5" tall and rising from a decorative pot, this three-plant grouping will add charm to any home or office setting.

Artificial Podocarpus Bonsai in Grey Stone Bowl


House of Silk Flowers Artificial Podocarpus Bonsai in Grey Stone Bowl

  • Artificial Japanese Podocarpus bonsai tree
  • Securely potted in a contemporary grey stone bowl (6" diameter x 2" tall)
  • Bring life to a shelf, fireplace mantel, or any area of home or office
  • Overall dimensions: 7" diameter x 7" tall


Artificial Podocarpus Bonsai in Grey Stone Bowl








Bonsai illustration



More Artificial Bonsai right here on Amazon




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