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Bonsai terms and definitions

Here are some common terms, words and definitions in the art of bonsai.


Japanese Terms for Style of shaping:

  • Single Tree Styles  I have pictures of the single tree styles right here
  • Chokkan - Formal upright shape
  • Han-Kengai Semi cascade
  • Kengai - Cascade or hanging
  • Moyogi - Curved informal upright
  • Shakan - slanting style
  • Single or Multiple Tree Styles
  • Bunjingi - literati style trunk is upright or slanted and no leaves except at very top
  • Funikagashi - Windswept
  • Hokidachi - Broom
  • Ishitsuki - clinging to rock or rock grown
  • Multiple Trees
  • Ikada - Raft style trunk is horizontal with vertical branches that simulate trees
  • Kabudachi - clump where multiple upright trunks grow from a single root
  • Netsuranari - raft from root - several trunks growing from a horizontal root system
  • Sankan - Triple trunk
  • Sokan - Double trunk
  • Yose-ue - multi tree or group planting
  • pun-sai - the Chinese word for a tree planted in a dish (the art of bonsai with a single tree and no landscape
  • pun-ching - the Chinese world for a tree with a miniature landscape in a dish
  • pen-jing - the Chinese word for the overall art of bonsai
  • Yamadori - Bonsai made from trees collected in the wild


Secret techniques of Bonsai

The Secret Techniques of Bonsai: A Guide to Starting, Raising, and Shaping Bonsai

SECRET TEACHINGS is by the author of the groundbreaking BONSAI WITH AMERICAN TREES, one of the first books to unveil the secrets of the trade. This time, Masakuni Kawasumi II teams up with his son, Masakuni III, to offer not only the basics for creating perfect bonsai but secret techniques he has developed over years of careful work and observation. Masakuni III, the first qualified tree doctor for bonsai in Japan, adds his unique insights. Between them they offer over eighty years of experience.


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