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Bonsai Stands

There is a definite look to bonsai stands. Here is a nice selection of stands for your bonsai. You can get stands for single trees or stands that will hold multiple trees.




Bonsai stand

Bonsai Boy's Root Display Stand 5.5
5.5" x 5.5" x 4"

This is a wooden root display stand.


Bonsai stand

Bonsai Tree Display Stand - 10 x 6

Display stands add an elegant finishing touch to any bonsai tree. This bonsai display stand is hand made in China and is stained and varnished in a beautiful dark, mahogany finish that is nearly black. The surface measurements are 10 x 6 inches and stands 2 inches tall. This display stand is a very sturdy piece and can handle the heaviest of trees. This is a great display stand at a great price.

Bonsai stand

Oriental Furniture Rosewood Rectangular Stand - 8"x6" - The Solid Rosewood Rectangular Stand is the perfect addition to any display or collection. This stand is available in different sizes.


Rosewood Pedestal Stand

Oriental Furniture Rosewood Pedestal Stand - (Size 4.5 in. Base Diameter)

These round wooden display stands have a rich rosewood stain and a stylish look that will complement your favorite vase or lamp without distracting from it. Having been measured to the half inch, it will precisely fit whatever you choose to display upon it.


Bonsai Turntable

Bonsai Tree Turntable 10 Inch -

This is a 10-inch diameter Bonsai turntable. Great for any bonsai pruning job from the smallest up to 200 lbs.! (Trust us...we have tested it) This small turntable is incredibly strong--that's why we call it mighty mini.... You can use this turntable inside or outside. It has 12 stainless steel ball bearings that will never rust and has very smooth movement. The surface has a "tread" so there is no slipping and it controls water too. Made in China, it's a powerful little turntable at a great price. It can also be permanently placed under your large bonsai trees so they can be rotated for even growth or display.


Root display for bonsai

Bonsai Boy's Root Display Stand<br>9
9" x 9" x 20"


Book: Bonsai Survival Guide

Bonsai Survival Manual: Tree-by-Tree Guide to Buying, Maintaining, and Problem Solving

From advice on evaluating and selecting plants, to assessing plant health and troubleshooting, the BONSAI SURVIVAL MANUAL provides the comprehensive information every bonsai gardener needs for success. Includes detailed horticultural profiles of 50 popular commercial varieties, with at-a-glance information on their specific requirements.



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