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Choosing your first bonsai tree

Here are lots of resources available where you can look over the various types of trees and shrubs and pick a type that you find pleasing. They all have differing characteristics and needs and you need to be aware of them. But for this article I will assume you want to start out with something that will be reasonably easy to care for and will come out looking really nice too. The looking really nice part is definitely a matter of opinion but I will take a shot at it anyway and recommend what I think will look nice.

For my recommendations there is only one decision that you have to make. Will your bonsai be an indoor plant or an outdoor plant?

And if you want to grow from seed I have some helpful informaton for you: Growing Bonsai from Seed

These two are suitable for either indoor or outdoor and very hardy so great for beginners.

Chinese Elm

Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree - This is a terrific tree and looks fantastic. (It can be grown both indoors or outdoors and if you buy an already developed tree you should buy one that has been grown the way you want to continue it whether indoors or out) It is very hardy and responds well to wiring. It is a great choice for a beginner. If you want to start from seed they have them on Chinese Elm Bonsai 25 Seeds - Ulmus parvifolia


(Chinese Juniper) Shimpaku Juniper Bonsai Tree - Trained (juniper chinensis)

Or you can start them from seeds.

Juniperus chinensis: Chinese Juniper Seeds


Indoor Only Trees

Ming Aralia

Ming Aralia Bonsai Tree - Great Indoor Bonsai-Polyscias

The Ming Aralia Bonsai Tree is an easy to grow indoor bonsai. It prefers bright indirect or artificial light. Keep evenly moist, not wet or dry. Trim as needed. This bonsai is the perfect gift for the house, apartment, dorm or office. Native to Brazil.



Brussel's Golden Gate Ficus Bonsai

Imported from China, our Golden Gate Ficus have been meticulously trained for wonderful truck movement. The Chinese have hand-wired every tree to create the trunks' beautiful swirl. The small dark green leaves make the Golden Ficus perfectly suited for bonsai. In the ficus family, this variety is the best for growing indoors. Seeds: Sacred Budda Fig Tree 10 Seeds/Seed - Ficus religiosa


Outdoor Only Trees

Japanese Red Maple

Japanese Red Maple Bonsai Tree - Small (acer palmatum 'atropurpurea')

Great looking tree with beautiful red leaves. A heavy favorite among bonsai experts.

Seeds: Japanese Red Maple 20 Seeds - Acer

Also:Bamboo-Leaf Japanese Maple 5 Seeds - RARE


Mugo Pine

Brussel's Mugo Pine Bonsai

This is a hardy and slow growing outdoor tree that requires minimal maintenance. It can tolerate very cold winters.

seeds: Mugo Pine 25 Seed/Seeds - BONSAI


For Absolute Beginners

Indoor beginner bonsai

An Exotic Indoor Bonsai, an Absolute Starter Tree

This tree is approximately 5 to 6 years old; 7 to 8 inches tall Green Thumb Bonsai possesses many beautiful qualities of a mature, full size tree found in nature. A native to the Tropics, it is both strong and erect in appearance because of its sturdy trunk and the poise of its branches. The tree is aesthetically pleasing, which is improved by its positioning in the well-crafted ceramic pot. It is easy to care for, thrives in an indoor environment, and is not likely to dry out, making it very suitable for beginners. The Green Thumb Bonsai is a perfect gift for a friend who has not cared for bonsais before, or one who has been unsuccessful with them in the past.


Indoor beginner bonsai

Indoor Starter's Bonsai - Mini Indoor Upright Tree Style Bonsai for Home or Office Desk This indoor bonsai plant is unique in several aspects: It can survive in our regular indoor environment with the help of regular plant light, and a very minimum care. It has a special lobster claw-like leaf shape with jade-like color that transforms the spirit and soothes away stress. It may be the smallest tree-like potting on earth and yet it is well styled by resident artists to purposely capture many detailed traits found in nature. It is finished with rock, fresh green moss and ground cover to enhance its detailed layout. Bonsai measures approximately 4" to 5" in height; sitting in 3" container.



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