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A Philosophy of Bonsai

This probably sounds like a rather peculiar title for an article about bonsai and maybe I have piqued your interest. Anyway, you are reading this so thankyou for that. I definitely have something to say about bonsai growing and maybe it will be a little bit of an insight for you. Particularly if you have never raised bonsai before.


When we are growing a garden, vegetables, fruits, flowers etc. there is a very distinct goal and a very distinct time line (usually a years cycle). What I mean is that we have the goal of bring the plant to fruit or flower so that it is pleasing to the eye or the stomach. We anticipate and look forward to this goal and the regular care we give to the plants is geared toward this. I water, I feed, I fertilized and weed with the goal of bringing this plant to fruition.

But, with bonsai this is rather different. Where is the goal? The goal is blurred. Yes, some trees will bloom and others will fruit but that really isn't the goal when it comes to bonsai. If you want flowering or fruiting trees you are better off just planting one in the backyard. But that isn't why you are doing bonsai.

No, the art and philosophy of bonsai is in the path along the way. It is in the meditative daily care that you give it. Pretty much as simple as that. This is the real goal - the daily here and now - not some indistinct point in the future.

Juniper bonsai tree

A 5+ Year old Juniper Bonsai Tree in Japanese Setku Bowl

A 5+ year old juniper bonsai trees crafted for anyone. This juniper tree has fresh green needles throughout the year and requires only minimal care if it is placed outdoor; it can stay in an indoor environment where sufficient sunlight and fresh air is feasible. The juniper is indeed one of the most popular bonsais grown in the States, its evergreen features and naturally cascading branches shows the intrinsic beauty of nature. Though many nurseries have claimed to grow and craft the trees; we DO NOT stick a tree into a bonsai pot and call it bonsai. We select only the most full and healthy trees, and shape and nurture them to reach a weathered and mature appearance and style, and then we transfer them to the selected pots that matches the trees. They are a labor of love and a treasure sure to bring you many years of enjoyment. This particular bonsai sits in a high fire, top quality, handmade bonsai 4" to 5" container (like the tree, because each individual container is handmade, its color and pattern of the container may vary). This is an authentic Japanese juniper bonsai setting; handcrafted by Bonsai Etc. EXCLUSIVELY for Tabletop Bonsai listing. Upon receiving the product, we urge all customers to check the product source, contents, and its documentation for the authenticity of the product. If you believe you receive a different product, please report to Amazon immediately. Happy shopping!




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