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The Creativity of it

The Creativity of it is a special section of my website where I discuss the various creative processes that take place when making things, creating things, writing and a whole lot more. Typically each of these essays is tied to a project where I talk about the process that occurred during that particular process.

If you are looking to expand and develop your creativity this is a great section to poke around in.


How to make a paper model of a room, building, or something similar. Will takes you through the steps he takes when making something like the wine cellar or the blacksmith shop. You don't need much to exercise your creativity in this way. Some paper, some glue, and some card stock. Creating a paper project



A look at creativity as it happens - I video the process of thinking up an idea for a project. It starts with just a small kernel of an idea and grows from there. This is a video right here: A look at the Creative Process


The Bonkei Project - Strange how some projects just create themselves. That's what happened with this project. And it went deeper than the normal project because a story also came out of this one. The Bonkei Project Creativity


THe lazy man's sword

The Lazy Man's Sword!

With this sword you can eat a sandwich and battle a dragon at the same time. Yup! No more Arm fatigue when you wield this sword! Check it out here: The Lazy Man's Sword Creativity of it



Conflation - A technique for creativity

Conflation is a technique for putting together two or more things. The result still maintains properties of each thing. It works with many things including subjects, ideas and more. I have a video tutorial showing you how to use this creativity technique. Conflation for creativity


The Wizard's Orrery

For one thing this project taught me a new word which is a wonderful thing. But this project also taught me not to make assumptions when building things.

The creativity of the Wizard's Orrery


The development of a Wizards Moon clock

I followed an interesting path in figuring out how to make a simple clock. It doesn't keep actual time but it does work exactly like a mechanical clock. And it is made out of foam board. You might not know it but we Have Leonardo DaVinci to thank for the pendulum clock. Learn about the creativity of it here. The creativity of a a Wizard's Pendulum Clock


Taking a flight in a P51 Mustang - with the help of green screen!

I had a scale model Mustang built and I wanted to do something a little bit extra with it. Rather than build a diorama around it I built a setup so I could take a ride in it. This was a fun project that included green screening.

Check out the creativity of it here.


The Creativity of it, big paper and the fantasy map

The Creativity of it: the Big Fantasy Map Funny how we, as humans, have created all this symbologogy to represent the world. And with fantasy maps we have taken those tools and expanded them into a new dimension where we create worlds that don't exist, except for in our minds.

The Wizard's Globe

A wonderful project and part of a larger project. See how I solved various problems with this project and used a variety of materials to make this. The Creativity of the Wizard's Globe


The Elven Shield from Lord of the Rings

This project came about in a peculiar way. It started with an accident. And accidents are sometimes wonderful in that they take things in totally unexpected directions.

The Creativity of it


Witcher 3 Sword with Glowing Runes

The creativity of it

I am sure that magical rune stones don't include LED's and batteries. But isn't it wonderful that we can?


Saruman's Staff

The creativity of it


Dragon Glass Dagger

The creativity of it


Foam Armor shoulders and arms

The Creativity of it


How to Sculpt a Miniature

The creativity of it


How to Make a Cardboard Catapult

The Creativity of it

The big thing about this project is the simplicity of it. You just need cardboard, a pencil, a rubber band and some glue. That's it! But, you would be surprised at how much work went into figuring it out!



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