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Projects that shoot

Projects that shoot are a lot of fun. And I have done a whole lot of them, of all different types. Here on this page I have a list of some of the more popular ones.



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Certificate of contribution

If you make one of my projects be sure to email me a picture! I will email you a certificate of completion from stormthecastle.com You can print it up and hang it on the wall.

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Fun, fast and easy little catapult that is also powerful. You can make it in no time and then have competitions with it. Cardboard, rubber band, toothpick, and glue is all you need. And as always, I give you the template. Make a mini cardboard catapult.


New: Make a mini marshmallow crossbow

This is a fun project that is easy to make. A rubber, band, cardboard and glue is all you need. And it is powerful! Make a Mini Marshmallow Crossbow.


Make a Gun-sword that shoots rubber bands

A fun project that only needs one sheet of foamboard. And it is based on an actual 16th century gun-sword I spotted in a museum. Make a rubber band shooting gun-sword.


Table top Troll Catapult

How to Make a Catapult

The Table-Top Troll Catapult Build this miniature catapult from materials found around the house. It's an easy project and the catapult really fires projectiles! Catapult Project


a Mini CrossbowMake a Mini Crossbow

This is a powerful little crossbow that fires straws! Easy to make and whole lot of fun. Make a mini crossbow


Make a Mangonel How to Make a Torsion powered catapult called a Mangonel:
This type of catapult uses twisted string or rope as a source of power and it is more accurate to the real catapults of Medieval times. Its an easy project and this little Mangonel reallly fires! How to make a Mangonel


a Throwing Knife

Make a Throwing Knife

Yes, a real throwing knife. This is a fun project to make and a fun project to use! I had a lot of fun with this. All you need is a piece of steel and some basic tools. And you don't need a forge. You can harden and temper this with a torch. Make a Throwing Knife


a Ballistic KnifeMake a Ballistic Knife that really shoots.

Easy and safe foamboard project.


Make a Ballista

It's an ancient Roman and Greek siege engine and you can make one out of foamboard. I have the template for you. Cut out the pieces, trace onto foamboard and put it together. Make a Ballista


Make Wolverine Claws that work

Fun and easy foam board project. I give you the template. And the claws really shoot out of the box. You can have this done in no time at all. Make Wolverine Claws that work


PVC Catapult

Make a Tabletop size PVC Catapult

Pvc is plastic pipe and it is readily available and very cheap at every home improvement store. I give you the parts list and show you how to make this easy to make catapult. Make a PVC Catapult


Gun ShieldMake a Gun Shield

It is a shield and it is a gun. I spotted this peculiar weapon in a museum and thought it would be fun to make. I show you how. And it really shoots (gumballs)

Make a Gun Shield


Make the Phantom Blade from Assassin's Creed

the Phantom Blade

Fun foam board project that really shoots. You just need a few basic supplies and I give you the template and have it all figured out for you. Print it up and put it together. Make the Phantom Blade



a Cardboard Catapult How to Make a Cardboard Catapult

How about making a powerful little catapult out of a piece of cardboard, a pencil and a rubber band. Make a Cardboard Catapult