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Make a Viking Axe out of Foam board (Bearded Axe)

This viking axe project is fun and easy to make. You just need one sheet of foamboard. And if you don't have foamboard you can use cardboard.

I designed it so it is nice and strong. The handle is four layers thick. So it will take a fair amount of handling and use.

And I give you the template for this project which takes all the worry out. Your axe will come out just as good as mine. And the template includes the ornamental work on the axe head.

I also have a video of this project at the bottom of the page.


The completed viking axe


Earn a Certificate of Contribution!


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Trivia: It is often called a "Bearded axe" because the shape of the axe head looks a lot like a beard as it hangs down from a man's chin.

To make the viking axe you just need a few basic things:

  • 1 sheet of foamboard - 20 x30 and 5mm thick (or a sheet of cardboard) - Elmer's Acid-Free Foam Boards
  • a sharp knife to cut it with
  • The template (right here) and a printer to print up the template
  • Paint: Silver and brown
  • a ball point pen or sharpie to draw the ornamental work on the axe head


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Let's Build it


Cut out the template pieces

Print up the template and cut out the pieces.


Tape together the axe pieces

Tape pieces 1,2,3 and 4 together like this to form the axe.


Tape together the axehead wraparound

Do the same thing with 5a and 5b. Tape them together like this. This part is called the axehead wraparound.


NextOkay, continue with the tutorial. You can also watch the video below.





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