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Hot Wire Foam Cutter

What is a hot wire foam cutter? A Hot wire foam cutter is well, exactly as the name describes. It is a tool that cuts foam. And it uses a heated up wire to do it.



It is a handy tool . This picture shows me using it. You depress the yellow trigger on the handle and the wire gets hot enough to cut through foam. (I have drawn a red line on the tool so you could see it.)

How it works: It uses a length of Nichrome wire that gets hot when electricity passes through it. Same this as happens with the filament in a light bulb. But this wire is durable. It gets hot then you can slowly pass it through foam.

Using a hot wire foam cutter


With use the wire will eventually break. You buy a replacement length of the wire and replace it. The replacement is a short spool that will give you enough wire for many replacements.

In this video I use a Hot Wire Foam Cutter to Make Gandalf's staff. You can watch the video . Skip to 6:37 to see where I use the Cutter.


Hot wire foam cutterHot Wire Foam Cutter

(This is the exact one that Will uses) The Hot Wire Foam Cutter has adjustable collars allowing for clean, accurate cuts in foam. Woodland Scenics recommends using only on SubTerrain white foam which emits no toxic fumes. Use only special nichrome replacement wire. The throat of the Hot Wire Foam Cutter is 4.5" wide by 5.5" deep. Input: 120VAC and Output: 9VAC, 1300mA.


Hot wire

Woodland Scenics Hot Wire Replacement Wire 4' WOOST1436





Hot wire foam cutterHot Wire Foam Factory Crafter's Sculpting Tool Kit

Our most popular and versatile tool for freehand sculpting, carving and scroll cutting. The arms pivot so the wire can be taut or looped outward. The wire can be used at 8" with the arms fully extended or can be shortened to 5" for a faster cut. This tool is very popular for carving mountains and shaping designs. Includes a single-temperature plug-in-the-wall Crafters Power Supply. Features a handy on/off switch right on the handle and comes with 6' of tool cord and 6' of power supply cord, for 12' of cord total. Includes six (6) hot-wires.


Hot knifeHot Wire Foam Factory Crafters Hot Knife Kit

The foam cutting tool the world has been asking for. A combo hand held scroll saw and power drill that cuts foam with fast, clean surgical precision. The 4" blade is made from thin, tough steel, with a unique round shape that slices quickly and cleanly in any direction like magic. Includes a single-temperature plug-in-the-wall Crafters Power Supply. Features a handy on/off switch right on the handle and comes with 6' of tool cord and 6' of power supply cord, for 12' of cord total.


Some Projects you can make that use a Hot Wire foam Cutter

Gandalf's staff

How to Make Gandalf's Staff

This is the iconic white staff that Gandalf wields. I show you how to make it easily with just a few supplies and I give you the template! Make Gandalf's white staff



Waterfall in a dioramaMake a waterfall for a diorama

Not a real waterfall but sure looks real. Easy to make and comes out terrific. I also have a tutorial on how to do water effects like ripples and waves and a tutorial on how to make this complete diorama called "The Secret Grotto" Make a waterfall for a diorama



Foam castle

Storm The Castle Diorama - Part 2- In this part we replace all the major parts of the diorama with the actual pieces that are rough shaped.

In this part we replace the original pieces with the shaped buildings and walls. This is where the diorama actually starts to take its final shape.





Hammer of Thor

Make the Hammer of THOR

This is an easy project to make with just foam and a broomstick. Comes out great. Make the Hammer of THOR



A foam sweetrollMake a Skyrim Sweetroll

Yes, it is the most famous dessert of all times. And if somebody stole your sweetroll you can go ahead and make more. This is a prop though, not an edible one! Make a sweetroll





DUngeon terrainHow to make Dungeon Terrain Tile

This is some spectacular terrain that looks great. And it is just styrofoam and two colors of paint. I show you how to make terrific terrain tiles like this for dioramas or tabletop gaming. How to make dungeon tiles



The wall diorama4.The Wall Diorama: Carving the rough foam structures, caves, caverns and corridors

I show you how to do the rough carving using a hot wire cutter to get the basic shapes of the corridors, big rooms and caverns.






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