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Siege Engines

Catapult Kit

Pathfinders Medieval Wooden Catapult Kit

Just add glue, scissors and an appreciation for the physics and art behind these medieval siege engines. High-quality models hurl a small ball more than 15 feet in 1 throw, with adjustable pads that change the trajectory angle and encourage experimentation for greater accuracy. Pre-cut, pre-drilled solid wood pieces are easy to assemble; models can be build in about 1 to 2 hours.

Catapult Kit

Working Wood Catapult DIY Kit, 6" X 5" X 10"

A fun, wooden catapult DIY kit for all ages to enjoy. Every piece is already pre-cut for you as you will not need to make other hard drilling work. All you need to do is assemble following the instruction and you will have a working catapult in no time. You may enjoy it with another friend or family to see this medieval wonder comes to life.


DaVinci Catapult

Leonardo DaVinci Catapult Kit


Abong Catapult

Catapult Kit by Abong

MOTA Catapult - Desktop Battle Kit

MOTA Catapult - Desktop Battle Kit -


Miniature Ballista Kit

Miniature Ballista Kit - Wooden Desktop Warfare Ballista

The ballista was the ultimate artillery weapon of the Roman Empire. Similar in appearance to a giant crossbow, it was powered by massive bundles of twisted horse hair. The bolts it fires would mow down enemies and fortifications alike. This kit is based on the Roman design. It is laser cut from select hardwood for easy assembly and reliable performance. This tabletop kit has been designed for simple assembly. Designed with interlocking parts, a simple, reliable trigger, high strength cordage and lightweight projectiles this ballista is incredibly durable. Three easy-to-follow rules for public demonstration are provided to ensure everyone's safety.


Wooden trebuchetOakland Ballistics Wooden Trebuchet Kit

This is a replica of a hinged counterweight trebuchet that was used during the middle ages. The details have been pared down to make this as simple as possible while still challenging you to tweak and modify for the very best results. Everything you need to assemble and launch is included with the kit: wood glue, bouncy ball, pre-cut and pre-drilled wood, vinyl pouch, trigger and fully illustrated instructions. With a full counterweight box of rocks, batteries, coins, or anything else you can launch the bouncy ball over 30ft! Have fun launching dog treats, parachute army men, blueberries or anything else. It is a great learning experience with its hands on building and simple but in-depth physics. This kit has won science fairs, been used for summer camps and after school programs, featured in Best of Holiday shopping magazines, in-class demonstrations and more. It's fully adjustable release pin makes it the most customizable trebuchet around. Use it to learn about medieval siege weapons, physics or to destroy your building block castle.



Trebuchet kitPathfinders Medieval Trebuchet Wooden Kit

Builds a working Trebuchet with accurate historic details such as pegged joints, a leatherette pouch for the projectile, and a wooden box for weights. Quality design and materials, when finished, the Trebuchet is capable of hurling a ball of soft modeling clay over 20 feet.


Hog Wild CatapultHog Wild Toys Air Strike Catapult -







Mindware Contraptions Catapult -



Medieval Siege

NOVA: Medieval Siege - The Scots inside Stirling Castle must have felt untouchable. Protected by a massive stone fortress, they prepared for a long drawn-out siege against the army of England's Edward the First. Fifty carpenters worked day and night to create the fourteenth century version of the atom bomb: the trebuchet-a fearsome, gravity-powered catapult dubbed "Warwolf" that was capable of hurling boulders, bee hives and plague-infected corpses long distances. Travel back to the Middle Ages and relive a fascinating turning point in warfare and medieval history.

- Enter the battlefield and experience the chaos of medieval warfare-200 years before the invention of the cannon
- Discover how the mechanized catapult sent English history and warfare in different directions
- Enter gigantic medieval castles and explore why these mighty fortresses became vulnerable to the "Warwolf"
- See how the medieval manuscripts provided clues in the trebuchet mystery
- See medieval experts create two competing full-scale catapults
- Travel to the banks of Loch Ness as newly designed catapults attempt to destroy a castle wall with 250 pound stone balls


Midwest Products Catapult Model Activity Kit

Midwest Products Catapult Model Activity Kit

MIDWEST PRODUCT-Kids will enjoy their first modeling experience with these land, sea and air models. Perfect for camps and youth groups. These kits are easy to build, and contain wood parts, motor (propeller and/or rubber band), decal and instruction sheet. May be personalized with paint or markers (not included).

Siege tower

Siege Tower Kit

Pathfinders' innovative wooden science kits build working replicas of the most infamous and powerful, medieval siege engines, the Siege Tower, the Catapult and the Trebuchet. Weapons that once smashed castle and fortress walls changing the course of many a kingdom! Building the kits allow children and adults to explore the link between design, materials and technology. A wonderful lesson in how basic mechanical principles turned simple materials into very useful and effective tools. Pathfinders' kits are designed by Derek Wulff, a science educator in British Columbia, and made in Canada. The kits are based on historic designs. The kits use only wood and rope. Pieces are joined by wooden dowels, not screws or nails. No elastic, rubber, motor or batteries are used to create the movement of this device. All pieces are pre-cut and drilled requiring only wood or white glue to assemble. The instructions are detailed and complete with educational notes about the siege engine. When completed, the mighty Siege Tower Kit features a working 5" catpult on top, a drawbridge and ladders. It is 15" tall, 6" wide and 7" deep. This kit is suitable for children 10 and older taking an hour or two to complete. Safety instructions are included and children are recommended to use under adult supervision. While these scale models will only be smashing down imaginary castle walls, they are loads of fun to build and use.