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Make a Damascus Steel Knife Part 5

In this part of the tutorial we take our wooden handles and use them to make a mold, in which we cast the new resin handles.


The wooden handles

These handles are nice but we want to make clear resin handles so that we can see the damascus pattern through them.

Mold putty

We are going to use a very easy method to make molds of the handles. This is something called amazing mold putty. Yup, it is actually called that.

Amazingmold putty

Alumilite Amazing Mold Putty

Mix two parts together

You mix equal portions together. Mix it quickly. You only have a few minutes of workable time.

Mold the handles

Form it around the wooden handles.


Once the mold has set, according to the directions of the particular product you use, you can remove the handle pieces.

Mix the resin

Next we mix up a two part resin. Equal amounts of each.


Clear cast

Amazing Clear Cast





Pour the resin

And then pour it into the molds.

Now we let it set according to the directions. In the case of this product it will take between 24 and 48 hours to fully cure.

NextOk, while this is setting lets get to the forge and prepare the knife blade


Nail swords

Make Nail Swords - Fun little project where you turn duplex nails into miniature swords. Make Nail swords




GreatHelmForge a Medieval Great Helm - This is an interesting medieval armor project. I show you the process step by step. Note though that the helmet project isn't complete yet. I am waiting on some rivets to arrive so I can button it up and finish it. But you can check it out here: Make a Medi eval Great Helm





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