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Make a Damascus Steel Knife Part 8

In this part of the tutorial we attach the handle.


Demold the handles

We have waited more than 24 hours and the handles are cured so we remove them.


Sand with fine paper

Now, if needed clean up the handle pieces. I used a light grit emory paper. It is a bit frosted and we will clarify it later by adding a coat of casing resin to it later, after we have completed the knife.


Drill the handles

Now drill out the holes in those resin handles. Use the knife itself as a guide.


The epoxy glue

Next we glue those handle pieces to the knife and pin them in place with brass pins. I am using a gorilla glue clear epoxy resin. I want a clear epoxy so we can still see the damascus through the handle.


Apply glue

Mix together equal parts of the epoxy then spread a thin coat on both sides of the knife.

Note something in this picture. I hav mounted the brass finger guard on the knife before attaching the handle. You can do it either way but be sure you have a nice clean edge between the two. This may take some sanding of the handles or the brass.

To attach that brass guard I drilled two holes all the way through. And then pinned with 1/8 steel pins.


Pin it

Apply the handles and pin them in place.


Clamp the handles

And clamp the handle in place.





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