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How to Make a Leather Sword Sheath - Part 4: How to do a lock-stitch

In this part of the tutorial I show you how to do lock-stiching which is a standard stitch for leatherwork.

Part 1 (the beginning) of this tutorial is here



Lock stitch 1

Note, This is just two scraps of leather I put together as an example. It has just a few holes just to show you the lock stitch method.

Step 1: Feed your thread through the first hole set. And feed excess thread so it is long enough to reach to the end of the holes that you will be stitching. See how I have pulled that thread over to the left? You need that excess thread on the back.

Step 2

Now feed the needle through the second hole.


Step 3

And form a loop with that thread that just got pushed through the second hole. Pulling back on the awl will form the thread into a loop.


lock stitch step 4

And pull that tail right through the loop. Pull the tail tight.


Step 5

Then pull the needle out. That's it. The tail on the back has now been locked in.

Tug on the tail a little bit just to make sure it is tight.


Step 6

Now just shift over to the next hole and do the same thing. Repeat this series of steps for the full series of holes.


But how do you end the stitching? Ok, we started on the right and stitched all the way to the very end on the left, to the very last hole. Easy to finish this thing off. Now we just start back in the other direction. Going through holes we had already stitched. So lock stitch about half a dozen holes; this time going from left to right.


Once you have done that you can trim any excess thread with scissors. And you are done.

NextWe have made the sheath. Let's make the strap




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