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A Trip To Greece


Is there anything I can say about Greece that you haven't already heard. Well, maybe not but there is so much that can be said about the county. It is famous for many things. I did visit some very interesting parts of it including Athens, The acropolis, The monument at Thermopylae, Hydra and Meteora.



Ruins in Athens

For me, one of the best parts of my trip to Greece is the stop we made at the monument to the battle of Thermopylae. This is the place where the 300 Spartans made their last stand against the persians. Made famous by the movie 300. The picture below shows me standing at the monument. The figure with the spear and shield is Leonidas.

Monument at Thermopylae


A spire at Meteora

And, another part of the adventure in Greece was the trip to Meteora. That is the section of the country that has all these peculiar stone spires that stick up into the sky. And many of them have monasteries on top! Yup, pretty amazing. If you have some flexibility in your travels I highly recommend you take a bus tour through this area of the country. They will take you to the top of several of these spires so you can visit the monasteries. This was very memorable to me.


And then there is Athens and all the wonderful things that it has. I could literally fill pages with pictures of all the monuments, ruins, buildings, statues and structures in Athens. But here is one of the Parthenon on the top of the acropolis.

The Parthenon

This is the Acropolis with the Parthenon perched on top.

The Acropolis

Here is another picture of the Parthenon.


So, if you are going to travel to Greece there is a whole lot of stuff to see and some of the things that I recomnend include Athens, Meteora and the Battlefield at Thermopylae.



Spartan Shield

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